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Saturday, June 10, 2023

‘Email’s Little Secret: 18 Words to Fly or Die By’ – MarketingProfs

Michael McCunney says, “Just 18 words. Marketing and Sales pros who know this powerful stat, fly; and those who don’t, die. By now you’ve heard all about the white-hot account-based marketing and account-based selling theories; but, astonishingly, there’s been a technological shift that’s being ignored, and it’s affecting your emails. The body of each email you send is previewed in mobile devices. People quickly scan that preview and make a snap decision to either delete your email along with the rest of the unwanted multitudes, or take the time to engage with... [...]

‘The Ultimate Guide to Email: Australia Edition’ – MarketingProfs

Laura Forer says, “G’day, mate! If you’re doing business Down Under, you’ll want to check out this bonzer infographic by Vision6 and Litmus that illustrates some fair dinkum stats on how Australians use email. For instance, although Australia was once known as a land of outlaws, like Ned Kelly, today’s laws include strict anti-spam regulations that you’ll want to be aware of. And though half of Australians are reading email on mobile devices, webmail recently beat desktop platforms for second place. Telestra, which is the largest telecommunications company... [...]

‘Marketing Video: Basic Email-Design Decisions That Matter’ – MarketingProfs

Malinda Wilkinson says, “So… you are running an email campaign, and you’ve planned your schedule. That’s great! You’ve developed a campaign plan and you’ve segmented your list. Even better! But now it’s time to craft the actual emails. You send emails every day, you’ve been practicing for this since you got your first AOL account, it should be a piece of cake, right? Well, crafting marketing emails doesn’t have to be hard, but like planning and scheduling your campaigns, it also requires strategy. For every dollar spent on email marketing,... [...]

‘The Top Sales Challenges of 2017’ – MarketingProfs

Ayaz Nanji says, “Salespeople say their biggest work challenge this year is spending too much time on administrative/non-selling activities, according to recent research from Richardson. The report was based on data from a survey of 350 salespeople who work for companies in a wide range of B2B and B2C industries; 59% have annual quota goals of over $1 million. Respondents were asked to list their biggest work challenges in 2017, including prospecting, negotiating, closing, and productivity issues. The work challenge cited by the largest share of salespeople (49%) is spending too much time... [...]

‘Your Buyers Are Experiencing Marketing Fatigue; Here’s What to Do About It’ – MarketingProfs

Jim Brodo says, “Two stories. Story One. I was at a large tradeshow recently. There must have been close to 1,500 exhibitors. I walked around the exposition floor and somehow managed to have my badge scanned by 25 companies. I had little to no conversation with any of the booth staff, but they were pretty aggressive and scanned my badge. The day after the conference I received 20, “Thank you for stopping by the booth, lets jump on call” emails. The same day, l also received 10 follow-up phone calls. Over the course of the next two weeks, I received 57 follow-up calls and 224... [...]

‘Seven SEO Trends to Keep Up With in 2017’ – MarketingProfs

Laura Forer says, “It’s hard enough for marketers to keep up with email trends and shopping trends, but keep up they must. And one of the most fickle channels marketers need to follow is SEO. We wrote about SEO predictions earlier this year, and now we’re highlighting an infographic by web agency KOL Limited with seven more trends to watch. User intention will be a key focus, the agency predicts, meaning that the context—and not just the keywords—of the user’s search will gain importance. The infographic also predicts that brands will revisit the use of HTTPS in their... [...]

’40 Video Stats You Should Know If You Work in E-Commerce’ – MarketingProfs

Laura Forer says, “If you work in e-commerce, it’s likely that your brand and your competitors are using video to help educate, entertain, and sell products or services. But video takes investment, and the pressure to see viable ROI from videos is especially pronounced in e-commerce. The team at Goodvidio has put together an infographic of 40 video statistics relevant to e-commerce marketers that can help guide you as you look to make the most of your video investment. You can find statistics about general video usage, such as product videos can increase the likelihood of a purchase... [...]

‘Digital Trends 2017: Are Brands and Customers on the Same Page?’ – MarketingProfs

Laura Forer says, “As marketers, we probably tend to get more excited about the latest digital trends than the general public does. So just what do consumers think of some of the new technologies we’re seeing? It turns out customers want improvements to the products and services they already use more than they want something they haven’t seen or experienced before, according to an infographic released by digital agency Code Computerlove. And though a trend such as mobile payments may not be generating a lot of media, customers listed it as the top technology they want to use... [...]

‘The Most In-Demand Marketing Skills in 2017’ – MarketingProfs

Ayaz Nanji says, “In 2017, marketers with digital skills, especially those with digital advertising and content expertise, are the most in demand by employers, according to research from McKinley Marketing Partners. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in November and December 2016 among 314 marketing professionals who work in a wide range of industries. Some 56% of respondents whose companies are looking to hire in 2017 plan to look for staff with digital marketing expertise; 35% plan to look for creative services expertise; and 27% plan to look for marketing operations... [...]

‘How Small Marketing Teams Can Achieve Big Content Wins’ – MarketingProfs

Jacob Warwick says, “Content marketing can be one of the most effective strategies for organizations that want to build engaged audiences and garner long-term marketing wins, but the intricacies of content marketing can be intimidating, particularly if you’re working with a small or underbudgeted team. However, whether you’re focused on building a content strategy, creating and distributing content, or measuring content performance, even one-person teams can successfully implement content marketing. How? Setting expectations, contracting with outside help, and staying the course... [...]