Tony Newton says that his main love in business is building and then flipping niche sites. Usually, they are Amazon affiliate sites.

His new Build, Rank and Flip course shows you how to build, rank and then flip Amazon product review sites. In this business, you don’t have to worry about blogging, affiliate marketing, angry customers, handling refunds or even list-building, unless you want to.

If you are looking for an in-depth, thorough, high quality course, Newton may have just what you need. In Build, Rank and Flip, he details every single step you can take to take so you can copy his system and start cranking out what he calls “$500-$1000/month websites” over and over again.

He has repeatedly followed his own advice and built Amazon affiliate sites, promoted them until they rank well and then sold them.

In fact, he has been building tiny Amazon product review sites and making as much as $10,454 in profit in as little as 6 months.

Now, in Build, Rank and Flip, he is going to show you how to build a successful site without doing a lot of complicated keyword research to make sure you are successful.

Then he is going to show you how to rank that site well with as few as 10 backlinks, and to do this for multiple keywords.

Finally, he is going to show you how to sell your site for the best possible price.

You build your site inexpensively; and sell for a big profit. It’s the oldest plan for success ever: “Buy low, sell high.”

If this business appeals to you, Newton is sharing all his knowledge for a very reasonable price (although it’s a dime sale, rising with each purchase.

Get your copy for the best possible price, here: Build, Rank and Flip.

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