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Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Monthly Archives: December 2015

Maps Prospector: Prospects for your local marketing services #ad

If you are a marketing consultant for local businesses, your greatest need is prospects, but not just any prospects; you need hot prospects, ones that both want more business (who doesn’t?) and don’t know how to get it, but may have a vague notion that the Internet may be their answer. Paul James and Anthony […]

‘LeadPages CEO Clay Collins Shares 5 Smart Conversion Strategies for Startups’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Eric Siu says, “If you think that the brilliant mind behind LeadPages, one of the web’s easiest-to-use landing-page generators, comes from a hard-core sales and marketing background, you’d be wrong. Clay Collins, LeadPage’s co-founder and CEO, isn’t a sales guy at all. He’s a PhD dropout in developmental neuropsychology, a field from which he approached issues in psychology using […]

‘How do I get more email subscribers when starting from scratch?’ – Aweber Blog

The latest ‘Aweber’ blog post is titled “What You Need to Know About Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL)”.

‘The Next Logical Step In Facebook’s Video March?’ – ‘Small Business Trends’

Wes McDowel says, “Facebook has been increasing its video content features in an effort to compete with rival YouTube. And that includes Facebook video advertising. As a next logical step in Facebook’s video march, the company has now launched a new option for advertisers to bid for 10-second video views on a cost-per-view basis. The cost-per-view […]

‘The State of Social Selling in 2016 [Infographic]’ – HubSpot

Mike Renahan says, “It used to be that reps would go door to door to pitch a prospect on their product. Why? It was the most effective way to get someone to purchase their offering. But with new technology, new strategies were born. As soon as phones were available, cold calling became a regular practice. Once […]

‘Are You Creating Meaningful Content?’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Brian Clark says, “Everyone’s creating all this online content, but does it matter? More importantly, are you accomplishing your goals with the content you deliver, or are you simply spinning your wheels? Well, if you’re doing it right, your content is highly effective and tightly tied to your ultimate business objectives. Otherwise, you’re just filling […]

‘5 CMOs Who Are Turning To LinkedIn For Increased Brand Engagement’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Matt McGee says, “No matter how much you use LinkedIn for personal connections, there’s no denying it is the go-to social media platform to engage professionals from every industry, both here in the U.S. and internationally. Boasting itself as the, “…world’s largest audience of active, influential professionals,” LinkedIn has been focused on upping its marketing offerings […]

‘How [and Why] to Build a Booming Facebook Group’ – MOZ Blog

Ryan Stewart says, “In this post, I’m going to retrace my steps and tell you exactly how to build your own Facebook Group. What are the benefits of building a Facebook Group? Before I tell you how to build one, I quickly need to talk about why you should build one. Facebook might not be “cool,” […]

‘6 Reasons Why Amazon Product Reviews Matter to Merchants’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Jay Lagarde says, “Product reviews are a major reason why consumers love Amazon. Where else can you go to read hundreds of candid testimonials — or complaints — about every aspect of an item? In this post, we’ll show why product reviews matter to sellers, too. 1. Consumers love online reviews. Study after study has shown that consumers are […]

’12 Warning Signs Your Website Redesign Could End In Catastrophe’ – HubSpot

Lisa Isbell says, “When the time finally comes to tackle a website redesign, it’s difficult to contain the excitement. There are so many things you just can’t wait to have put into place! Then come the first steps to making it all happen. Excitement turns to fear and trepidation as you try to craft a plan […]