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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

SEO Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 35% of all the websites on the Internet. Search Engine Journal’s Julia McCoy has shared 10 reasons why WordPress scores high when it comes to SEO. McCoy says, “What are the reasons behind WordPress’s popularity? There are many. But to you as a marketer, there’s one that stands out: WordPress is the best CMS for SEO. Here are 10 reasons why. 1. WordPress Focuses on User Experience WordPress’s themes and plugins work together to make websites professional,... [...]

Wp RankMe Plugin increases ranking, builds traffic #ad

Your site needs traffic, actually, it needs more traffic and better traffic (i.e., traffic likely to invest in your offers.) That traffic does exist; no doubt about it. You just need to find it. Abbas Ravji had the same problem, and he decided to do something about it. When he analyzed the situation, he realized that the sites on Google’s page 1 are getting the traffic he needs. If only he could find out how they get the traffic and steer some of that traffic to his site. The result of his investigation is his new plugin, Wp RankMe. This new WordPress plugin digs into the public information... [...]

SEO plugin for WordPress; 80% discount expiring #ad

Joshua Zamora and Radu Hahaianu did announce Seamless SEO as planned, yesterday. In the process, they shared more details of what this software will do for you. This plugin gives you a process that simply works almost automatically to improve your SEO. It is all white hat, and you don’t have to worry about changes Google might maker to its ranking procedure. Seamless SEO does on-page SEO, not some questionable automatic backlinking. That’s important because, if on-page SEO is done right: • It only takes a few minutes to setup. • It may give you an instant boost in traffic,... [...]

Seamless SEO: Traffic on autopilot for your WordPress site #ad

Joshua Zamora and Radu Hahaianu have developed new software that they have found increases their traffic by 235% in just 24 hours. They have placed it in a product they call Seamless SEO. It will tweak your site, and they say that when it does, it could boost your site in the rankings And it it will take you less than five minutes to implement this change. In Seamless SEO, they seem to have solved one of the most neglected aspects of SEO. People concentrate on getting backlinks these days, but there’s another aspect that is equally important: your site content and how optimized it is. Seamless... [...]

SEO Dragon uncovers errors on your site that reduce your ranking and traffic #ad

Most webmasters rely on a high search engine placement to bring in traffic to their site. Even if you are buying PPC or PPV ads, you don’t want to ignore Google and Bing completely. They still can bring you considerable traffic. So either way, it is smart to know what problems the search engines find in your site. Fix these problems and they will lift your ranking. That means more traffic, and more traffic means more sales. New York marketer, Luther Landro discovered his traffic dropped in November on two of his sites. He sifted through all the data he could find and uncovered several relatively... [...]

Ant Metamorphosis: when you really want Google to like your site #ad

Oz has been selling Ant Metamorphosis for 3 days now, and online marketers are intrigued by his premise: this software and the tactics that he uses with it shot him to the top (the number 2 spot, worldwide) of Google in 3 weeks, and he was selling a $500 product, so this was a competitive niche.) In fact, in these 3 days, he has sold over 1000 copies of this system. It’s not expensive, but still that is a lot of sales in 3 days. IM NewsWatch has a bonus for you, now, that you can have to sample the power in this new training. With Oz’s permission, we have extracted one technique from... [...]

WP Media Sitemap improves Mobile site SEO #ad

Most webmasters and site owners aren’t aware that Google often has trouble crawling their mobile site. That site, which is typically an add-on to the main site, isn’t usually linked in a way that Google can find it. Google keeps a separate index for mobile sites and the vast majority of mobile sites (local merchant site, especially) are not in the index because the code that causes mobile devices to redirect to them isn’t “Google-friendly”. WP Media Sitemap, by James Reilly, lets you solve that problem quickly. And there’s good money to be made by marketing... [...]

WSO Blowout Sale: Nine WordPress plugins for Marketing Sites #ad

If your site is for making money, you need four fundamental facets: 1. Search Engine Optimization- so you site gets found 2. List building- so you can cultivate customers 3. Monetization- so you bring in income 4. Security- so no one hacks your site to steal your earnings Mao Flynn has bundled into one economical package, nine WP plugins, created by KME Byrne and Flynn, that address all four of these needs: • SEO Raptor Elite automates on page optimization • WP Tagizer uses the browser’s data on the keyword used to reach your page to create tags for the page, so that in the future... [...]

“WP Social SEO Booster”: improve your site’s rank in Google #ad

If you want to improve your WordPress site’s rank in Google, social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, are key resources; especially Google’s own social media such as Google+, Google Authorship and Rich Snippets. WP Social SEO Booster automatically alerts the top social media sites whenever you post in your blog. It uses Facebook’s Open Graph technology and other tools to connect with these top social sites and place references to your post. Twitter now also has a New Meta Tagging Engine that wants to be classified as an SEO Ranking factor as well, and now you can easily take... [...]

Yahoo! and Current TV Launch ‘Yahoo! Current Network’

Yahoo! and Current TV, a provider of viewer created content for television and the web, have launched “˜Yahoo! Current Network’. […]  [...]