Your site needs traffic, actually, it needs more traffic and better traffic (i.e., traffic likely to invest in your offers.) That traffic does exist; no doubt about it. You just need to find it.

Abbas Ravji had the same problem, and he decided to do something about it. When he analyzed the situation, he realized that the sites on Google’s page 1 are getting the traffic he needs. If only he could find out how they get the traffic and steer some of that traffic to his site.

The result of his investigation is his new plugin, Wp RankMe.

This new WordPress plugin digs into the public information about the sites on page 1 for his keywords. It discovers lots of useful clues to why they got to page 1, so you can copy their techniques, and perhaps even do better.

To do its analysis (which is too intensive to be practical as a manual effort), it uses a custom coded advanced algorithm to pull back the most important phrases and terms that that the tops ranking sites are using.

It places the information that it finds in your WordPress back office so you can apply it to your own site, on your pages and posts.

Remember: these phrases are used by your most powerful competitors to enhance their rankings. Use them wisely, and your ranking will be enhanced, too.

The phrases it collects are organized for you for advanced onsite content structuring and styling using SEO friendly logic that refreshes your pages to get your pages and posts indexed and ranked for more keywords.

Wp RankMe comes with a money-back guarantee, and with 1 year of free updates.

You can get the whole story and get your own copy here: Wp RankMe

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