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Monday, October 3, 2022

Five Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

To achieve better results, you need to continue improving your content marketing efforts. Your content stays at the core of the marketing strategy and helps you stay close to your audience. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Kenneth Burke has published an article sharing five useful tips to improve your content marketing. He says, “Content may be king, but it’s not magic. You need a good strategy, time and a dedicated budget for content marketing to help you reach and convert qualified buyers. Done well, content will play a key role in your bigger marketing and company-wide... [...]

Make Your Content Easier to Find [Video]

Creating quality content is one thing and making it available to our audience is the other. With right publishing channels, you can make your content accessible. Watch IMPACT’s new video ‘Make Your Content Easier to Find’ for some useful tips. The IMPACT team says, “Are you creating content consistently, but constantly feel like you’re not getting as much traffic as you’d like? It’s possible your content isn’t as easy to find as you think it is. Potential buyers are not just looking for the best answer, but they want it to be easy to find as well.... [...]

19 Content Marketing Tips

Quality content remains at the heart of your marketing. Content marketing has become an integral part of every business today. Siege Media contributor Sarah Hollenbeck has shared 19 content marketing tips to skyrocket your business growth. She says, “Check out the following content marketing tips that will help you skyrocket your company’s growth. 1. Start with Audience Research One of the biggest content marketing tips that will make an impact on your business is to start with audience research. Of course, everyone wants their content to rank for the biggest terms, but if you start... [...]

Content for Humans or SEO? [Video]

MarketingProfs has published a new video ‘Content for Humans or SEO? These 5 Steps Make It Easy To Do Both!’. The MarketingProfs team says, “Marketer, should your content target human readers… or SEO robots? Ryan Morgan, Digital Marketing Strategist at swell Digital, says great content can do both—and should do both! Ryan shares his 5-step process to creating optimized content that addresses your audience’s desires… while also improving your SEO rankings.” MarketingProfs  [...]

Ahrefs’ 17 Content Marketing Tips for 2022

Ahrefs contributor Si Quan Ong has shared 17 actionable content marketing tips for 2022. He says, “Just can’t get your content marketing program to work? Fret not. Here’s a list of 17 tips that’ll improve your content marketing and help you get more visitors, leads, and sales: 1. Know who you’re creating content for A conversion rate optimization (CRO) agency writes about CRO and attracts other CRO professionals. But CRO professionals don’t need CRO services. So the agency’s blog attracts no useful leads, and the agency declares that content marketing... [...]

Seven Facts About Video In Content Marketing

Video is an essential element when it comes to creating captivating content. It helps you move closer to your audience. Content Marketing Institute contributor Lisa Murton Beets has published an article highlighting seven things content marketers expressed about the video. She says, “To see the bigger picture on video, read on for six more things you should know. 1. Audiences don’t necessarily prefer videos over other content types Almost half of marketers (46%) say their key audience consumes videos but it doesn’t seem to be the preferred format and 3% say their audience prefers... [...]

Three Strategies to Improve Your Content Ranking

Google Search ranks content based on quality. relevance and engagement. By creating content that helps your audience, you can also win the attention of the search giant. Content Marketing Institute contributor Manick Bhan has shared three useful strategies to rank your content higher in the search engine result pages. He says, “Let’s look at three strategies to elevate some of those signals in the eyes of Google. 1. Increase topic depth with semantic SEO Although Google once looked only for keywords used to search, its natural language processing models now understand how... [...]

Nine Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing

For continuous performance improvement, your content needs to be promoted well. By using the right tools to create and promote your content, you can make the most of your investment. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Kelsey Raymond has published an article highlighting nine content marketing tools. She says, “As the CEO of a content marketing agency, I’ve seen firsthand how the right tools can take a marketing strategy to the next level. To help you avoid tool fatigue and give you a starting point as you decide which tools to use to strengthen your marketing efforts, I’ve outlined... [...]

14 Tips to Improve Website Content

Your website’s performance depends on the content you publish and the way it helps the visitors. By creating publishing fresh and useful content, you can continue to generate more leads. Content Marketing Institute’s Lisa Dougherty has shared 14 useful tips to help you improve your website content for the screen readers. She says, “Is your blog functionally inclusive? I’m working with the CMI team to improve this blog. Recently, Melissa Eggleston pointed out some problem areas that make the blog hard to read for people who are visually impaired. Though the fixes have been... [...]

CMI on Future of Content Marketing

Content Marketing Institute’s Stephanie Stahl has published a comprehensive article on the future of content marketing. She says, “Here’s the good news: Achieving these great rewards doesn’t require big dreams and over-the-top projects. The rewards don’t come from being grandiose or controversial for the sake of controversy. They come from being more interesting, more helpful, and more truthful. That theme bubbled up during Content Marketing World last week as I listened to the presenters and chatted with the #CMWorld community on our digital and social platforms. If... [...]