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Saturday, March 2, 2024

‘How to Build an Empathetic Social Media Strategy’ – MOZ Blog

Erica McGillivray says, “Every morning, I listen to the news. I’ve been doing this since high school and now well over half my life, as I’ve changed from radio antennas to apps. Sadly, with all the recent tragedies — from mass shootings in the US and terrorist attacks to devastating earthquakes and other natural disasters — my lifetime habit has become essential to my work. As one of Moz’s community managers, it’s my and my team’s responsibility to take care of all of you. Whether you interact here on the blog or tweet at us, we’re here to help you... [...]

‘Pruning Your eCommerce Site: How & Why’ – MOZ Blog

Everett Sizemore says, “If there has been one “SEO tactic” that we’ve seen work consistently throughout 2015, it’s the idea of pruning underperforming content out of Google’s index. Sometimes it is a result of outdated SEO tactics like article spinning, or technical issues such as indexable internal search results or endlessly crawlable faceted navigation. Other times there are thousands of products with little or no content, or manufacturer-supplied product descriptions. This is why it’s important to make distinctions between pruning off the site (i.e. removing) and... [...]

‘How to Create Audience Personas on a Budget Using Facebook Insights’ – MOZ Blog

Tim Allen says, “We know Facebook has a huge amount of data on people. For the last 18 months, they’ve been sharing more of this information than ever before through their platform, Audience Insights. As a result, we can begin to pull together audience personas for very little cost other than time, effort, and a Facebook account. This post is going give a whirlwind tour of how we can begin to use Audience Insights to build personas for our business that will allow us to target content better and keep people in mind rather users & sessions. What is a persona and why should we build... [...]

‘Using Your Niche’s Demand Distribution Curve to Improve Your SEO, Social, and Content Strategy’ – MOZ Blog

MOZ team says, “It’s a new year, and that means it’s time shift into some new habits regarding your keyword research. Rather than simply targeting marketing blasts at either the in-demand or the long tail, you may want to think about carefully tailoring your tactics to the shape of your niche’s keyword demand distribution curve. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand details four steps to using these curves to support and improve your existing strategies“. Using Your Niche’s Demand Distribution Curve to Improve Your SEO, Social, and Content Strategy –... [...]

‘The Best of 2015: Top Posts and People of the Year’ – MOZ Blog

Felicia Crawford says, “We’ve got another year under our belts, and that means it’s time to continue an annual blogtradition. Yes, that’s right, folks — the Moz Blog Best of 2015 is hot off the presses! (This makes me wish we had real presses. We don’t. I think there’s a 3D printer somewhere around here, though…) We’re going to highlight just what hit it off with you fantastic little blog readers, you. We’ll slice and dice the top posts of the year a few different ways, take a peek at what dominated YouMoz, check out which comments drove the... [...]

‘What Big Brands Need to Know About Google’s Filter’ – MOZ Blog

Joy Hawkins says, “I work with a lot of insurance agents and they often tell me that their biggest competitors are the other insurance agents that work for the same company as them. As it is with most big brands, there are multiple offices in the same city and those individual locations all want to rank first on Google for the exact same thing. An accidental discovery I stumbled across something a few months ago when troubleshooting ranking for one of our insurance clients, and everyone I’ve shared this with was just as surprised as I was. The discovery? Google filters out a ton of... [...]

’10 Predictions for 2016 in SEO & Web Marketing’ – MOZ Blog

Rand Fishkin says, “It’s that magical time where, once again, I examine my predictions for the year that’s just ended, and make new ones for the one ahead. As is my personal tradition, I’m going to first look at the accuracy of what I’ve suggested would happen in 2015. Based on how I’ve done, you can get a sense of how seriously to take my ideas for the future. But, if you’d prefer, you can just skip right to the 2016 predictions. For posterity, here’s my post from January 6, 2015, but I won’t make you go through it. A short synopsis of each... [...]

‘Don’t Just Manage Your Reputation—Improve it’ – MOZ Blog

Mary Bowling says, “In ranking businesses in the local search results, Google’s goal has always been to model the real world. It aims to reward the companies that are the most popular and prominent within their own market areas — those that are the most highly regarded by their customers, considered to among the best at what they do and that people generally patronize, talk well about and recommend to their friends. Those are the local businesses that Google wants to show in its local search results. That’s what searchers want to see in their results, too! After all, no one wants... [...]

‘How to Build the Right Traffic Metrics Dashboard for 2016’ – MOZ Blog

MOZ team says, “What you measure is what you’re able to improve. While there’s no one magic solution that works for everyone, setting yourself up for success involves measuring your traffic metrics the right way, so you can identify areas to work on and implement the right actions. In the first Whiteboard Friday of 2016, Rand explains what you need to include when building your own traffics metrics dashboard in the new year“. How to Build the Right Traffic Metrics Dashboard for 2016 MOZ Blog  [...]

‘Related Questions Grow +500% in 5 Months’ – MOZ Blog

Ryan Stewart says, “Earlier this year, Google rolled out the Related Questions feature (AKA “People Also Ask”). If you haven’t seen them yet, related questions appear in an expandable box, mixed in with organic results. Once expanded, a typical answer contains a machine-generated snippet, a link to the source website, and a link to the Google search for the question. How common are related questions? We started tracking Related Questions in late July on the MozCast 10K, where they originally appeared on roughly 1.3% of queries. Keep in mind that the MozCast set tends toward... [...]

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