Erica McGillivray says, “Every morning, I listen to the news. I’ve been doing this since high school and now well over half my life, as I’ve changed from radio antennas to apps. Sadly, with all the recent tragedies — from mass shootings in the US and terrorist attacks to devastating earthquakes and other natural disasters — my lifetime habit has become essential to my work.

As one of Moz’s community managers, it’s my and my team’s responsibility to take care of all of you. Whether you interact here on the blog or tweet at us, we’re here to help you out, share something awesome, or just send you a cat gif. In addition to being online marketers, each and every one of you has cares and concerns outside of our world. And we are a global community.

Over the years, our team has developed and evolved responses to these tragedies, particularly when it comes to social media. Right now, the valiant Megan leads our social efforts. I’m not going to sugarcoat this: it absolutely sucks that we have to have these processes. I can also tell you that I’m not the only one on my team who’s starting to feel desensitized to, in particular, the violent tragedies“.

How to Build an Empathetic Social Media Strategy for Times of Tragedy

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