Everett Sizemore says, “If there has been one “SEO tactic” that we’ve seen work consistently throughout 2015, it’s the idea of pruning underperforming content out of Google’s index.

Sometimes it is a result of outdated SEO tactics like article spinning, or technical issues such as indexable internal search results or endlessly crawlable faceted navigation. Other times there are thousands of products with little or no content, or manufacturer-supplied product descriptions. This is why it’s important to make distinctions between pruning off the site (i.e. removing) and pruning from Google’s index (e.g. a “Robots Noindex” meta tag).

In order to find these opportunities, it helps to first perform a Content Audit. This is not a how-to guide for doing content audits. For step-by-step instructions, refer to this tutorial here on Moz“.

Pruning Your eCommerce Site: How & Why

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