Felicia Crawford says, “We’ve got another year under our belts, and that means it’s time to continue an annual blogtradition. Yes, that’s right, folks — the Moz Blog Best of 2015 is hot off the presses! (This makes me wish we had real presses. We don’t. I think there’s a 3D printer somewhere around here, though…)

We’re going to highlight just what hit it off with you fantastic little blog readers, you. We’ll slice and dice the top posts of the year a few different ways, take a peek at what dominated YouMoz, check out which comments drove the collective convo, and highlight the community members that contributed the most-liked and most-often-liked commentary.

(Spoiler alert: You went absolutely nuts for Rand this year. He holds a lot of top ten real estate, across multiple categories. Maybe I should get his autograph or something…)

Buckle in and get comfortable, friends, ‘cause we’re about to take a wild ride with this data“.

The Best of 2015: Top Posts and People of the Year

MOZ Blog

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