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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Archive for the 'Facebook News Feed' Category

‘Five Ways to Counteract Facebook’s News Feed Post Crackdown’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Alfredo Ramos says, “Since the launch of Facebook business pages, the social network has been a wildly popular platform for small businesses looking to connect with their audiences. Business owners gained simple and inexpensive ways to connect and engage directly, and on a personal level, with those interested in the business.But Facebook’s plans for 2015 may make those interactions a little more complicated.Recent user feedback has given the researchers at Facebook some insight into what users want, and the results could have a major impact on how small business owners promote their... [...]

‘Twitter’s password-killing tool is now available on the web’ – ‘Mashable’

Karissa Bell says, “Twitter rolled out the web version of Digits, the company’s tool to help kill the password, to developers Wednesday.Digits is one element of Twitter Fabric, the new suite of tools for developers the social network rolled out last year during its Flight Developer Conference. Digits replaces passwords with mobile phone numbers with the goal of making it easier to sign up for new apps.The thinking is that reducing friction at signup will make it easier for developers to keep users on their service as some users are put off when they need to make a new account and password... [...]

‘Facebook is cracking down on hoaxes in your News Feed’ – ‘Mashable’

Karissa Bell says, “In its latest update, the social network is again going after News Feed spam, but this time is focusing on reducing the hoaxes that appear in users’ feeds. Facebook defines hoaxes as scams or “deliberately false or misleading stories.”Such posts, like the rumor that iOS 8 added the ability to recharge iPhones by putting them in a microwave (thanks, 4Chan), are deleted but reported twice as often as other types of posts, Facebook says”.Facebook is cracking down on hoaxes in your News FeedMashable [...]

‘5 ways to take control of your Facebook News Feed’ – ‘Mashable’

Amy-Mae Elliott says, “Whether it’s never-ending posts from annoying “friends” with verbal diarrhea, or repetitive links to stupid survey sites, the truth is that sometimes spending time on Facebook is more irritating than productive.The bad news is that Facebook’s algorithms to determine what appears in your News Feed are a closely guarded secret. The social media giant simply says, “The stories that show in your News Feed are influenced by your connections and activity on Facebook.”But there is hope — you have the power to tweak a few settings under... [...]

‘The Facebook News Feed Challenge: Learnings From #SMX Social’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Pamela Parker says, “One of the hot topics at SMX Social Media Marketing this year was how marketers can get into the Facebook News Feed, given that the social network giant seems to be constantly throttling back the reach of organic content. Must we pay? Or are there other options?This was the focus of two different panels at the Las Vegas event, the “The New News Feed: How To Break Into Facebook’s Exclusive Neighborhood” and “Winning Strategies With Facebook Ads.” Both were especially timely, given the site’s announcement last week that it will show promotional and sales-oriented... [...]

‘If you haven’t noticed, Facebook’s News Feed is 50% faster on iOS’ – ‘Mashable’

Rex Santus says, “You might have noticed that your Facebook News Feed is faster than it used to be on youriPhone or iPad. You’re not crazy.Facebook has made the News Feed operate 50% faster than the previous version in the iOS app, according to the company.About two years ago, Facebook switched from HTML5 to native iOS code to make the app perform as smoothly as possible. But the developers noticed something strange: Each time the app updated, it would take longer for the News Feed to load. And gradually, users started noticing, too”.If you haven’t noticed, Facebook’s... [...]

‘Want to Get Facebook’s Attention? Speak Up (Rarely)!’ – Re/code

Kurt Wagner says, “Facebook is asking users to provide more feedback on its ads, and the best way to make sure your voice is heard is to speak up — rarely.Confused? Here’s how it works: When users hide an ad from their News Feed, Facebook will now ask them why they’ve decided to hide that ad, and feedback from users whorarely provide it will be given the most weight, according to a company blog post. That means that if you rarely hide ads in News Feed, the one or two times you do will have a greater impact on what ads you’re shown in the future”.Want to Get Facebook’s Attention?... [...]

‘Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Crack Down on Photos With URLs and Click-Bait Headlines’ – HubSpot

Lindsay Kolowich says, “The folks at Facebook have been working hard these past few months to defend the News Feed against spammy posts by brand pages. In April 2014, they cracked down on like-baiting, frequently circulated content, and spammy links.This afternoon, they announced two brand new updates that’ll crack down on posts by brand pages. Let’s dive into the updates below where you’ll learn about what happened and how you need to react”.Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Crack Down on Photos With URLs and Click-Bait HeadlinesHubSpot  [...]

‘Facebook News Feed Update Sets the Stage for Video Ads’ – ‘Mashable’

Kurt Wagner says, “Facebook is trying to figure out which of its 1.3 billion active users like videos, and which don’t bother watching.The social network tweaked its News Feed algorithm on Monday, a common occurrence for the company, in hopes of providing users with “better” videos on the platform.SEE ALSO: Facebook’s News Feed: What Changed and WhyThe tweak includes a new video ranking system which takes into account whether people are actually watching each video — and for how long — before deciding who else will see that video in their feed. Previously,... [...]

Third video in series explores Facebook “hacks” for improved traffic #ad

Watch over the shoulder as Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins show you some tips for getting more traffic from Facebook.They, along with Laura Betterly, explain how to upgrade your traffic through taking advantage of Facebook’s efficient user profiling system. You have no idea how much data Facebook has about each of its users, reams of data about you, me and the other millions of users.Facebook makes all this data available to marketers so they can target their marketing campaigns with expreme precision. You just need to know what Facebook can provide and choose the viewers of your ads with... [...]