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Saturday, March 28, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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‘Google takes on fake news with its biggest tool: Search’ – Mashable

Jason Abbruzzese says, “Google is fighting fake news with its biggest tool: Search. Google announced on Tuesday that it’s tweaking its search engine to scuttle misleading or false content, a major move for the company and the world considering Google’s dominance in search. The changes will include alterations to the search engine’s algorithms that choose which […]

‘Google, the world’s top advertising company, is building an ad blocker for Chrome’ – Mashable

Patrick Kulp says, “Google, the internet’s biggest advertising company, may be building an ad blocker. The search giant plans to roll out a feature in the next mobile version of its Chrome browser that would filter out certain types of ads, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. Such a tool seems at odds with the company’s […]

‘F8 makes it abundantly clear that Facebook has ambitions way beyond your social network’ – Mashable

Jack Morse says, “Facebook is coming for you. With the social media giant’s F8 conference in the rear-view mirror, it is now more clear than ever that what we think of when we think of Facebook — messaging, sharing photos, forming groups, etc. — represents only the beginning of the company’s ambitions. notes that people spend […]

‘Instagram rips off yet another service’ – Mashable

Pete Pachal says, “Not content to rip off just Snapchat, Instagram is going after Pinterest, too. The Facebook-owned app is adding a new feature that lets users save individual posts into collections. Love flowers? Or gadgets? Or food porn? Now you can save all those posts into their own folders, letting you obsess over them in […]

‘What we’re hoping to hear from Facebook at F8’ – Mashable

Karissa Bell says, “It’s that time of year again. Facebook is gearing up for its biggest event of the year. The company’s F8 developer conference is set to kick off Tuesday and there will likely be no shortage of news coming out of the two-day event. While the only real certainty is that there will be […]

‘Facebook has 5 million advertisers – and it wants a lot more’ – Mashable

Kerry Flynn says, “Once upon a time, Facebook was just a website for college students to connect. If Facebook gets its way, it’ll be the go-to solution for all companies, especially small businesses, to run their operations. “If you think about over the last 13 years, we’ve been making progress on our mission of making the […]

‘Google Hire might be the next LinkedIn or Greenhouse’ – Mashable

Emma Hichliffe says, “Google’s own version of LinkedIn — or maybe Greenhouse? or Jobvite? — is almost here. The tech company debuted a new sign-in page for Google Hire, an as-yet-unspecified service that’s part of the jobs/career space. According to a report in Axios, the program will be a job applicant tracking system, most similar […]

‘Your Ugly Website is Costing Your Business Big Time’ – Mashable

Joshua Sophy says, “Don’t make the mistake of rushing creation of your eCommerce website believing speed is all that matters when trying to get your products to buyers.. It turns out your rush job is likely going to lead to more skeptical customers than happy ones, according to new data from Vistaprint. Vistaprint (NASDAQ:CMPR) conducted a […]

‘Snapchat’s finally offering more location data to advertisers’ – Mashable

Kerry Flynn says, “Snap here. Snap there. Snap everywhere — especially in stores. Snapchat, the disappearing messaging turned mobile storytelling app, released a new ad product Wednesday that is a quick swipe at Facebook’s big offer to advertisers and retailers: online to offline conversions. That’s jargon for Snapchat’s pitch to help retailers get more products off […]

‘Amazon’s advertising business could make twice as much as Snapchat by next year’ – Mashable

Patrick Kulp says, “Amazon dominates online shopping, cloud computing, and now, it has its sights set on advertising. The online shopping giant has been quietly beefing up its ads business in recent months, and Wall Street is starting to take notice. An analyst at Morgan Stanley predicted this week that the company could pull in $5 […]