Clickbaits are creating hurdles for online marketers and advertisers by attracting attention and encouraging visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.

Facebook News Feed is also facing a challenge due to Clickbait and in a drive to make people’s lives easier, the company has updated its news feed.

Facebook has announced three updates.

Arun Babu says, “Today, we are making three updates that build on this work so that people will see even fewer clickbait stories in their feeds, and more of the stories they find authentic.

  • First, we are now taking into account clickbait at the individual post level in addition to the domain and Page level, in order to more precisely reduce clickbait headlines.
  • Second, in order to make this more effective, we are dividing our efforts into two separate signals — so we will now look at whether a headline withholds information or if it exaggerates information separately.
  • Third, we are starting to test this work in additional languages”.

Facebook News Feed Updates

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