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Friday, April 12, 2024

‘7 essential Google Analytics reports every marketer must know’ – Search Engine Land

Khaled Saleh says, “For marketers, there are few skills more important than a deep understanding of Google Analytics and its conversion measurement capabilities. After all, this is the tool that tells you whether your efforts are actually translating into results. Unfortunately, mastering Google Analytics can be challenging, even for experienced marketers. There is far too much data and too few easy-to-follow dashboards to sort it out. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of seven custom and standard reports you can use right away to get better insight into your marketing performance”. 7... [...]

‘Marketing With Virtual Reality’ – Forrester

JP Gownder says, “Moonlighting as a contributor to our CMO role’s research, I’ve just published a major new report about how virtual reality will affect marketers, collaborating with Forrester’s lead on digital disruption, James McQuivey, PhD. CMOs and other marketers have four choices when it comes to virtual reality (VR). Most of you should wait and see, because there’s no business imperative to invest scarce time and resources in VR this year. But there are three other choices available to digital predators – that is, CMOs at companies that want to shape trends, not follow... [...]

’21 Free Email Templates Proven to Increase Sales and Revenue’ – HubSpot

Lisa Toner says, “As a salesperson chasing quotas month after month, you’ll inevitably spend a lot of your time writing and sending emails. The scary reality, however, is that a shocking 76% of sales emails are never even opened. How are you supposed to sell if you can’t get your prospect’s attention in the first place? Calling leads can be a huge time investment with little return. Reps end up spending their days talking to voicemails instead of demonstrating the value of their product to an interested party. And when you get email right, it can have a huge impact on the entire... [...]

What do you really need in order to succeed online? #ad

Many beginning marketers have asked themselves that question. And that’s good because it’s a crucial question. Get the answer wrong, and you can waste a lot of money on useless fluff. Even worse, get it wrong, and you very likely will not succeed. Lee Murray, a veteran online marketer of many years standing, has been pondering the question and believes he has the answer, which he includes in his new training, “It’s All You Need”. There are many places online where you can build your business. Murray believes that if you want to start out with an approach that even... [...]

‘How Waitrose is using personalisation to increase conversions’ – Econsultancy

Nikki Gilliland says, “For the average shopper, supermarket loyalty is a thing of the past. With price and proximity being two of the most important factors in where people shop, it’s usually a case of whatever makes life easier. Waitrose, a supermarket well known for its middle class ‘essentials’, is attempting to change this attitude with a new focus on digital personalisation. Creating incentives Last year the company delved into patterns of consumer behaviour, discovering that if a customer shops online five times, their loyalty is more likely to be retained long-term. Using... [...]

‘How to Get Ahead of This Year’s Social Media Trends′ – ‘Convince & Convert’ Blog

Lauren Teague says, “As mid-year approaches, you may be looking back at your social media plans and goals for the year and realizing they need attention. What was set in motion less than six months ago now causes us to pause. In this ever-evolving industry, key social media networks consistently pivot, refresh, or introduce new features that require social media marketers to change their strategy on the fly. So far in 2016, we’ve already seen the following moves: – Facebook launched Reactions and Facebook Live video to all users, and doubled down on Messenger. – Instagram expanded... [...]

‘How to Measure the Value of Your Content: Three Sets of Metrics’ – MarketingProfs

Tarah Speck says, “More than ever, B2B marketers are held accountable to driving revenue—and proving that they are. We’re investing in the right technologies and programs, and fueling channels and tools with high-quality, buyer-centric content. But what’s actually working and what’s falling flat? Fully 50% of B2B enterprise marketers cite the inability to measure content effectiveness as a challenge. If you’re part of that 50% struggling to prove impact, start tracking the three key areas below—and start today. The following three sets of metrics are what our marketing... [...]

‘What Should Your Content Marketing Priorities Be in 2016?’ – CMI

Michele Linn says, “A few months ago, I was cleaning the basement with my kids. The goal was to put the toys away so it could be vacuumed, dusted, etc. I looked over, and my 8-year-old was erasing the whiteboard and chalkboard. When I asked her to help clean up, she explained that she was cleaning. The whiteboard obviously needed to be erased. I lost my patience and said, “Just pick up your toys!” While it wasn’t a proud parenting moment, it was an aha moment. How many of us spend time doing something that doesn’t help a goal (erasing the whiteboard) instead of doing something that... [...]

‘How to Implement Kinder, Gentler Marketing: 4 All-Natural Truths’ – Copyblogger

Pamela Wilson says, “I have a love/hate relationship with a soap company. About five years ago, I stumbled across their products online. They boasted rare and unique scents and naturally-sourced ingredients. They were irresistible (to me, anyway). And their prices seemed reasonable. So, I placed an order. And that’s when my troubles began. I had to share my email address to complete my transaction. You know, to “receive an order confirmation.” Within days, I found myself receiving marketing email after marketing email. Coupons. Special sales. New soaps. New scents. Free shipping. I... [...]

‘Email newsletter sign-ups: How fashion brands welcome new subscribers’ – Econsultancy

Nikki Gilliland says, “Newsletter subscribers are an incredibly valuable asset for retailers. By signing up, customers are actively showing appreciation for a brand, as well as an interest to hear more in future. As a result – and as our Email Marketing Census highlights – almost three-quarters of companies now rate email marketing as delivering an excellent ROI. But are retailers really using emails to excellent effect? From data capture to saying hello, here’s a look at the email sign-up process offered by a range of online retailers. Let’s start with the best of the bunch. Gap Long... [...]

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