According to a Facebook IQ survey, 50% people are more likely to shop with a business they can message and 61% like personalized messages from businesses.

Facebook Messenger having a user base of more than one billion people, is one of the most efficient ways for the marketers to reach out to their customers.

Buffer’s Alfred Lua has shared seven tips to help marketers learn how they can enhance the use of Facebook Messenger for marketing .

On using Messenger to deliver content, Lua says, “The most common approach to deliver content to your readers is to use email. But HubSpot wanted to find out if using Facebook Messenger is a better alternative. So instead of just asking people to fill out a form and get the gated content via email, they offered the option to skip the form and get the content via Facebook Messenger. After four weeks of testing, they found a clear winner.

The Messenger strategy results in a 242 percent higher open rate and a 619 percent higher click rate.

If you want to explore this strategy, Matthew Barby from HubSpot wrote a great guide on building a Messenger chatbot using ChatFuel. With ChatFuel, you can create a chatbot to deliver your content (and more) without having to code. And it’s free if you send less than 100,000 messages per month”.

7 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies You Can Try Today


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