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Monday, June 1, 2020

Set-up & run profitable Live, Evergreen and Hybrid Webinars #ad

Webinars sell. That has been proven over and over. Not only that, they generate leads, build brand authority and scale up a business. So why aren’t more people using them in their marketing?There are a lot of excuses:1. Don’t know how2. It’s too hard3. I am not an extrovert. I don’t want to talk to hundreds of people.Maybe you have a different reason for not using webinars, but whatever your reason, there is a new webinar system that might make you change your mind, called Meetvio Webinars.For example, what if all you had to do was:1. Pre-record a webinar,2.... [...]

Mailvio, the better autoresponder, launches today #ad

Mailvio is a new full-service autoresponder with sophisticated automation, developed by, under the leadership of Neil Napier and Simon Warner.You may be familiar with other well-known autoresponders, such as Constant Contact, Aweber and GetResponse. Mailvio is similar, but, being just designed, it brings some advantages, while being competitively priced, especially during the launch. There is generous message metering included: 500,000 Email Credits included per year (+ more available as add-ons.)One of the big concerns marketers have whenever an autoresponder is used to communicate... [...]

Tired of writing your own WP Posts? Let Content Gorilla do it #ad

Most (not all) videos on YouTube use a Creative Commons license. That allows you to use them in your own marketing, usually provided that you give credit to the original author.That means that if you find a great video for your niche, you can embed it on your own website or blog, which gives your users helpful content without your having to write (or record) the content.Going beyond the simple embedding process, you might want to do something more creative. Suppose you only place the content of the video, not the video itself, on your site, in the form of a transcript of what the speaker says,... [...]

How to get up to 100% open rate #ad

That’s right, a 100% open rate. Many marketers using Facebook Messenger are getting all of their messages opened. Neil Napier says you might well be able to, also.Napier has created Leadmodo, a new piece of software that helps you build leads in Facebook Messenger at no cost.That’s good because in recent months, Messenger has given marketers a significantly higher open and click through rate than email marketing.If done right, it has the possibility of beating email marketing 10 to 1, according to Napier. Who wouldn’t want that kind of improvement in your business?Leadmodo... [...]

Sell WordPress websites without WP branding #ad

If you are a consultant who sells websites to your clients, WordPress is both a blessing and a curse. If makes it easy for you to build sites, but it also makes it easy for your clients to take their upgrade and maintenance work to someone else.Neil Napier‘s new Press Label software let’s you build sites even easier, while customizing the so they don’t have a “cookie cutter” feel.Using this new software, you can easily:• Rebrand WordPress with your own brand• Customize the navigation for the site• Custom-Build login pages for your client sites•... [...]

PrezHero: Create Cloud-Based ‘Presentations’ and Videos #ad

Your product sales page is the heart of your selling process. Of course, it’s important to get traffic, targeted traffic and, of course, it’s important to deliver your product and service your clients’ needs, but unless your sales presentation holds your visitor’s attention and convinces them of how your product will meet their needs, all the rest is useless.You need to create a persuasive presentation, one that uses all the available online tools that can get attention and hold it so that your message sinks in and attaches itself to your prospective client’s consciousness.Neil... [...]

VideoX launches at 11 AM; YouTube marketing upended #ad

Over the last few days we have told you about the training videos (case studies of successful YouTube ads).These case studies were produced by Neil Napier and Justin Sardi.Yesterday afternoon, they released their third case study here: Video Introduction to YouTube Advertising.This one is about eCommerce, to show you how they revived a dead eCommerce store, using a $10 buy of YouTube ads.Napier and Sardi have received some very favorable feedback about these video case studies. Some people have shifted their focus from Facebook and other ad platforms to work with YouTube ads.Today, 11th December,... [...]

Traffic and lead Generation are the heart of online sales #ad

Neil Napier and Justin Sardi have released their second training video on using YouTube ads to build your traffic and conversions for your online business. This new video shows you a step-by-step method to increase your traffic to your site by using re-targeting. With YouTube retargeting ads, they have found that they now can spend 1/4th of what they formerly spent on Facebook ads and still get the same results.If you aren’t familiar with YouTube ads, that’s not surprising. Many people don’t know about it. And because of that:• YouTube is still an untapped traffic platform,... [...]

[Closing @ Midnight] Lock in a Lifetime FanBoom Account #ad

They say that all good things must come to an end. And the end for the FanBoom 3.0 lifetime license offer is today.There a “Pro” version and, for for people who need extra function, an (upsell) “Elite” version. Both versions have:• A Powerful page designer• Mobile-optimized pages• High-conversion lead gen pages• Interactive features• Easy autoresponder integration• Facebook publishing of your pages with just 1 click• 100% compliance with the Facebook terms of service, so it won’t get you banned.And both versions come with complete video tutorials... [...]

Fresh Bundle Master grows Amazon affiliate commissions #ad

Carey Baird and Radu Hahaianu have a new piece of software that Amazon affiliates will find quite helpful. They call it Fresh Bundle Master.This clever software enhances your Amazon affiliate store by building bundles or related products and offering the bundle as a unit. That way, you can earn a commission on three or four products, instead of just one.Amazon always has related products to offer. The software searches through Amazon’s recommendations and proposes a bundle for you to promote.You select from its suggestions, and it forms the bundle for your sales page, displays it whenever... [...]