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Saturday, May 21, 2022

SurvAI launch webinar and training: Last call – are you coming? #ad

Don’t miss this training that shows you how to put SurvAI to work in your online business. This new tool is significantly different from similar tools launched in the past. You can see those differences and understand how they can help your business at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (sometimes referred to as New York time.) You will see the best ways SurvAI can help you, plus you can: ➤ Win a free copy of this brand-new software that will supercharge your business by automating your list-building efforts with the power of AI-generated surveys. ➤ Discover how to increase your profits without having... [...]

SurvAI: Neil Napier’s secret sauce for online success; free webinar #ad

Techniques of good online marketing have evolved over the last 20 years. SurvAI is on the forefront of the most modern methods. If you haven’t been as successful online as you had hoped, maybe your problem is that you haven’t been listening to the right mentors and have gone down some blind alleys. You could benefit from an experienced coach to guide you. Someone who has gone from basically nothing to a thriving seven-figure online business in just a few years. That’s the kind of experience Neil Napier has, and he’s willing to share some of his best techniques developed in his... [...]

Content Gorilla Makes Content Creation Easy #ad

Content Gorilla is a content creation tool that helps you create web, email, and social content for your business. The new AI-poered version ws just launched and is proving to be popular with marketers. Content Gorilla lets you easily create text, images, and videos to share on social media, blogs, and websites. You can also use Content Gorilla to schedule posts and track results over time. ➤ Flexible Search – Now you can search and create content in 105 languages Flexible Search makes it easy for you to find and create content in 105 languages – no more struggling to find the right... [...]

Free Call on Content Marketing – Register now (Content Gorilla) #ad

If you are having trouble with content marketing, the 10 AM EDT call to introduce Content Gorilla may be what you need. If done right, Content Marketing can be very effective in building an online business. But it requires good content, released consistently (daily would be nice). However, creating content day in, day out, isn’t easy. At Internet Marketing NewsWatch, we know this from long experience. For nearly 17 years, we have written 20-30 news articles every day, 5 days each week, and over 120,000 articles in all. We have written these articles manually. But Neil Napier has another way of... [...]

CLOSING PowrSuite Bundle At One-Time Price (Final Chance) #ad

The PowrSuite Bundle Special Launch offer is closing in a few hours, at midnight EST tonight. This new software tool suite replaces a whole range of other marketing tools, so that with this one toolbox, you can run your whole online marketing business. PowrSuite Bundle was launched just five days ago. We might wish the launch lasted at least a week, but in this case, it was only six days. More than 500 marketers are starting to use either PowrSuite Bundle or the basic PowrSuite Commercial, and they love what it can do. Once the launch ends, you will be paying $97 for the basic license. And then... [...]

4Brand tool rebrands online and local businesses #ad

You probably have heard that the Facebook company (but not the application) has been renamed “Meta”. The idea is to reflect the fact that the focus of the company is broader than just the Facebook website and may continue to broaden over time. A second goal was surely just to create a buzz around the company, to get people talking about it and thinking about it. Facebook isn’t the only company that has seen the value in rebranding itself. Since the pandemic, it’s been said that 70% of small-to-mid-sized businesses are also planning on investing to upgrade their digital presence. Using... [...]

Coursium: The engine for your online learning academy #ad

The e-learning marketplace is expected to be worth $165 BILLION in sales this year and is predicted to double in the next few years. New e-learning software, Coursium, helps you sell online courses, even assisting with creating the courses. Now, you can create an attractive, e-learning academy full of courses in just minutes. With Coursium, you can now: ✓ CREATE Professional E-Learning Courses In Minutes ✓ CREATE your courses without having to be on camera ✓ CREATE your courses without having to record your voice ✓ CREATE your courses without having to write a script. ✓ CREATE your... [...]

What is VidProposals? #ad

VidProposals is your all-in-one secure business proposal and contract management suite that helps you create professional video proposals, which include legal contracts for your clients to sign and seal the deal, all from one place. Here is what you can do with it: ➤ Create custom business proposals from dozens of included templates or from scratch ➤ Add graphics, text, and video that can be recorded right in the app ➤ Include a legal, secure contract for clients to sign with an E-Signature ​​​​​​​➤ Be notified when your client opens the contract and signs it ➤ Review returned... [...]

VidProposals: video proposal & contract management tool #ad

How do you persuade a potential client to do business with you? VidProposals may be your answer. Video has proven persuasive power. Put that power to use when you are sellng services to your clients. Neil Napier has built VidProposals that can help you not only create persuasive videos to use in your sales presentation. It also automates the process of getting the contract in place when the client is ready to buy. VidProposals lets you create, send, sign and profit with video proposals like never before, and you can do it all from one dashboard. Now you can create Professional, Persuasive, Custom... [...]

Use Viddle to build a substantial income online #ad

As we have reported, Neil Napier released Viddle several days ago. It is SaaS software that lets you create videos and save them in the cloud. Since video is such a useful tool to drive sales, you can easily get a return on your investment if all you do is create your own Viddle videos. Here are some of the benefits of this new tool: ► Easily record videos (demo videos, product videos, webinar videos) ► Create videos in just 3 steps. ► Create, organize, manage & publish video on the go ► Drive unlimited viral traffic to your videos, engage viewers, and skyrocket sales ► Enjoy ultra-fast... [...]