That’s right, a 100% open rate. Many marketers using Facebook Messenger are getting all of their messages opened. Neil Napier says you might well be able to, also.

Napier has created Leadmodo, a new piece of software that helps you build leads in Facebook Messenger at no cost.

That’s good because in recent months, Messenger has given marketers a significantly higher open and click through rate than email marketing.

If done right, it has the possibility of beating email marketing 10 to 1, according to Napier. Who wouldn’t want that kind of improvement in your business?

Leadmodo was just released and, as this is being written, you can get it at an early bird discount.

It helps you generate more leads using the power of segmented quizzes, polls and surveys.

Click here to see it in action: Leadmodo.

Quizzes, surveys and polls all build engagement with your audience, and Leadmodo does all three.

Leadmodo integrates with the popular ManyChat and helps you build your messenger list on autopilot.

No longer do you need to use paid ads on Facebook because now you can tap into your business circle, email lists or whatever other assets you have available.

For example, now you can create an engaging quiz or survey and then share it with people. When they respond, you get the leads you need.

Leadmodo comes with many other premium features and it is currently priced at less than $30.

Here’s a sampling of what it offers you:
► Completely Newbie Friendly. No Technical or Design Skills Required.
► Generates Leads and Builds a List Much Faster (and Easier) than Email.
► Pulls in the Leads from a the biggest platform on the Internet. Facebook is bigger than Snapchat, Twitter And Instagram Combined.
► Converts Website Visitors into Facebook Messenger Leads
► Drives Free Traffic, Increases Engagement and Improves Sales
► Ultra-High Engagement and Improved Profits
► Converts Leads, Engages visitors, lets you offer Discounts, Coupons, Surveys and More
► Messenger Leads are Proven to Get 80% Open Rates (and up to 100%) Plus 30–40% Click-Through Rates
► Seamlessly Integrates With ManyChat

Click here to get your EARLY BIRD copy: Leadmodo.

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