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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Is It Time To Forget Social Media?

Social media has become the lifeline of today’s businesses. It has boosted the reach of businesses resulting into improved sales. Jeff Bullas has published a new blog post titled ‘Is It Time To Forget Social Media?’. He says, “In 2008 I joined a movement. It started with an upload of some data and snippets of my life to Facebook to get started and then logging in. And this was quickly followed by a Twitter profile. Then the posting of my first tweet. The digital banter had started and I was hooked. So I kept diving in. We all kept tweeting and playing and watching the global... [...]

Using Bio Link to Convert Followers Into Customers

Social media platforms allow you to reach more and more people online. You can enhance your business growth by creating more followers. Jeff Bullas has shared a detailed guide to help you convert more such followers into customers using bio links. He says, “There are a few key benefits to taking advantage of the link in your bio. Drive Traffic You can use your bio link to drive traffic to the pages you want to promote. Maybe this is your online shop, or maybe it’s your latest freebie. No matter where you direct them, though, your bio link can help you bring your followers off of social... [...]

Inc. Highlights Three Ways to Improve Customer Trust with Social Media

Inc. has published an article highlighting three ways to strengthen your customer’s trust with social media. The Inc. team says, “Let’s explore several ways you can use your social media accounts to build trust with new and existing customers. Practice Social Listening Social listening is the process of observing what users are saying about your brand on different platforms. Monitoring these conversations is vital to understanding what you’re doing right while working on your areas of opportunity. Let’s say you check your social mentions and see that most customers... [...]

What if you could click one button to market your product? #ad

Commission Blaster lets you click one button and promote any website or affiliate link on 30 social sites. These sites have over 2.5 billion members who are buyers when they see something they like. Login to Commission Blaster, insert the link you want to promote, and “blast” your link to the 30 sites by clicking the “TRAFFIC” button. That’s it. You can promote your websites and other links (for example, affiliate links) in seconds, while also earning commissions. Do you actually want to get potentially unlimited buyer traffic? How could any marketer say “No”? Now you... [...]

How to Write Engaging Social Media Content

Whatever channel you choose to promote your business, it is your content that enables you to win or lose customers. On social media too, you need to publish content that attracts your audience’s attention and helps you to persuade them for action. MarketingProf contributor Ashley Faus has shared 10 ways to help you write better content for your social media marketing. She says,  “To write engaging social media copy on behalf of a business-to-business brand, read on for a couple of principles for engagement along with tried-and-true tips and social media tropes that connect with audiences. Social... [...]

How to Use Social Media During COVID-19

Your social media presence can benefit your overall business by staying connected with your target audience and keep them informed about your business. Business2Community contributor Jock Breitwieser has published an article on why you need to be on social media during – and after – the crisis. Breitwieser says, “The coronavirus has wreaked havoc to the lives of millions of people worldwide. The social distancing and lockdown measures implemented by governments have caused economic difficulties and mental health issues to people. As a business, the pandemic is an opportunity for you... [...]

Your 5-Step Plan to Convert More Prospects on Social Media

Social Media Examiner’s Laura Farkas has shared a five-step plan to help you convert more prospects on social media. She says, “Let’s look at a funnel framework you can model to take care of the main elements of your marketing—awareness, interest, demand, and action—so you can land your ideal clients on autopilot. #1: Use Your Ideal Customers’ Pain Points to Define Your Positioning Because consulting is a competitive niche, it’s important to research the market and clearly identify your unique selling proposition (USP). This is the foundation of your marketing campaign so... [...]

Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing [Free Guide]

Social media platforms have become inevitable when it comes to marketing today. A strong social media marketing strategy can help you to grow your online sales. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Torrey Tayenaka has published ‘Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing’. Tayenaka says, “Starting a social media marketing plan can be intimidating. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tik Tok, YouTube and so many more. You need to make posts, make ads, comment on other’s posts, interact with your audience, grow your audience, and stay authentic the entire time.... [...]

Tips to Find Most Successful Social Media Posts

An effective social media marketing strategy enables you to reach your target audience and promote your products and services. To do this, you need to craft each post with a unique goal of persuading your prospects. Sprout Social contributor Brent Barnhart has published a new article to help you find your most successful social media posts. Barnhart says, “Before we dive into specific platforms, we should note that defining “success” isn’t one-size-fits-all. As noted in our guide to social media trends, marketers rely on a variety of engagement metrics to figure out which posts... [...]

Affiliate Marketing Trends, Crazy PR Stunts & Dropping F-Bombs [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal contributor Danny Goodwin has published a new podcast episode ‘Affiliate Marketing Trends, Crazy PR Stunts & Dropping F-Bombs’ featuring Adam Reimer. Goodwin says, “Listen to this episode of the Search Engine Journal Show as Adam and I talk about affiliate marketing, crazy PR stunts, and more (with some F-bombs dropped along the way.) Show Notes Adam talks about his specialization as a digital marketing strategy and execution consultant.Becoming an affiliate marketer and doing SEO at the same time.Here’s how Adam is working around the... [...]