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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Posts Tagged With ‘ social media marketing ’

Trust Social, path to better sales? #ad

What does it take for a business to attract paying customers? The first priority is establishing trust. It has been shown that positive reviews lead 73% of consumers trust a local business more. As a result of that greater trust, positive reviews made becoming a paying customer more likely. This is as true on the […]

How to get up to 100% open rate #ad

That’s right, a 100% open rate. Many marketers using Facebook Messenger are getting all of their messages opened. Neil Napier says you might well be able to, also. Napier has created Leadmodo, a new piece of software that helps you build leads in Facebook Messenger at no cost. That’s good because in recent months, Messenger […]

Make your site an Overnight International Authority #ad

Authority sites are sites that are trusted to provide good information on their area of expertise. Many people consider IM NewsWatch an authority on internet marketing, for example. The opinions of your readers matter, but just as important is how the search engines see your site. They tend to give top ranking to authority sites, […]

‘How Do I Get Started With Social Media Marketing?’ – ‘Business 2 Community’ Article

The latest article on ‘Business 2 Community’ is titled “How Do I Get Started With Social Media Marketing?”.

Social Traffic Ranker: SEO software for social backlinks #ad

Andy Black haves been working for the last several months on a new SEO software application, called Social Traffic Ranker. Social Traffic Ranker will find the best web pages that you can obtain backlinks from plus doing some additional traffic wizardry. The result is that these better backlinks will bring you better traffic, and ultimately, […]

Replace Manual Social Media with Promote Me Pro #ad

Sean Donahoe had a dream of finally automating all his Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+) posts so he could create a never-ending stream of commissions. In fact, he wanted to launch a full social media campaign that attracted customers from his multiple accounts and networks, and do it all with automation. Based […]

Social Link Builder: Give visitors an incentive to share #ad

Anton Lomax, the creator of Social Link Builder, says everybody loves a discount, and he’s right. You can take advantage of this desire for a bargain to build your list, sell more products and do it all virally. Lomax has created a WordPress plugin that lets you offer a reward in return for the visitor’s […]

Covert Social Press makes big splash in IM Marketplace #ad

As planned, Covert Social Press was launched today at 10 AM EST. In the first 12 hours, over 1000 were bought. (By the way, IM NewsWatch bought a copy.) Covert Social Press lets you run a fully functional social network inside your WordPress blog. Including professional functions like: • Members can join your site and […]

WP Social Traffic Piranha Plugin: get Viral Traffic from Social Networks #ad

Gerry Lacuarta just announced WP Social Traffic Piranha Plugin, an updated version of his Google Share X3 plugin, which: • Generate traffic from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and more • Generate viral traffic from Pinterest • Use the Google Share button to get viral traffic from Google • Use Call to Action graphics to trigger […]

“WP Total Contact” provides your rich contact info on your site #ad

The WP Total Contact plugin provides buttons the visitor clicks to contact you on multiple social sites: • Your Google Maps location map • Your Skype contact number(with Skype status) • Phone • LinkedIn • Twitter • Facebook • e-mail The simple dashboard lets you choose colors to coordinate with your site. You can also […]