Clever Messenger Chatbot for Facebook and InstagramOur earlier ad announced the release of the latest version of Clever Messenger, the chatbot building and marketing suite.

Today is the last day of Launch Week. The launch sale ends at midnight EDT, which means:
➤ No more lifetime subscription available
➤ No more $300 off discount coupon SPECIAL300.
➤ When they reopen it again as a full SaaS, it will be a subscription only.

So getting this now really is the most logical thing to do. Remember: they have a strong guarantee that allows you to test-drive everything they have for a full 30 days.

So, in the event you’re not 100 percent delighted, you get everything refunded right back to your account.

This means if you decide to get in now by securing the best deal, it’s risk-free.

Right now, as we write this, for a few more hours, you still have time to pick this up.

The bonuses are still there, too, but don’t be late. You’ll kick yourself because your lifetime deal will be gone. Get it now: Clever Messenger.

Questions about Clever Messenger

A lot of people have had questions about Clever Messenger. Here are some typical ones:

Q: What exactly am I getting inside of Clever Messenger?
A: You get access to a full AI-Powered Conversational chatbot building and marketing suite for Messenger and Instagram. You can use this in any niche of your choosing. You can use it for yourself, or for clients because you get a full commercial license as well.

All the information you need on what Clever does for your business is on this page: Clever Messenger.

Q: What is the “Trial to Pro” I see as the Bonus?
A. If you get the Clever Messenger Special Offer during this special charter launch for a one-time fee, you get everything as shown and advertised on this page.

No subscription. No long-term contracts or commitments at all, and no monkey business. However, you get the option to take a 30-day FREE trial to the Pro edition as a bonus.

(You’ve probably never seen anyone do this before).

So, when you decide to get Clever Messenger with the 30-day FREE trial to the Pro Edition, if you don’t cancel your trial, you’re billed $49 a month, until canceled.

What’s so great about the Pro Edition? It provides:
Send to Messenger button Overlay Widgets
➤ An Advanced Checkbox Plugin
➤ Post Engagement (it does Private Replies to Facebook and Instagram Comments)
➤ Add Way More Subscribers in your plan
➤ A Chatbot Template System (Create, and share privately/publicly)
➤ 220+ Chatbot DFY Templates
➤ Webhook Cards
➤ Team Roles
➤ API Access
➤ And a lot more.

Plus, you get all future features and updates.

If you find the benefits of the Pro edition are valuable for your business, don’t cancel; just continue using all the features inside the Pro edition. You get to keep access to the template club. Plus you’re allowed to generate up to 10,000 subscribers.

If you decide not to stay on as a Pro Member at any point in your 30-day Trial period, then simply cancel the Pro Edition. You get to keep everything else that comes with Clever Messenger. Simply send them a message and they will cancel the subscription for you. Or do it yourself from within the platform. That’s right, you can cancel from within the app.

By the way, the moment you get in, the first upsell gives you an opportunity to skip your trial by immediately upgrading to a heavily discounted yearly plan.

They have plans that start from $299 a year giving you even more subscribers, a lot better than $49 per month. That’s an understatement; it’s about half the cost.

Get it here: Clever Messenger.

Q: What if I haven’t done any bot marketing at all?
A: That’s perfect.

It’s always easier to start from scratch because you’re not infected with bad habits. So you’re not bothered with any problems advanced bot marketers face.

Clever Messenger boasts an NPS score of 62 (a score telling you how customers feel about the product. This score basically means that 8.5 out of 10 people are happy with it.

Q: How Solid is their 30 Day Guarantee?
A. This tool has been available for four years. They are a solid company. They didn’t build the business they have by not honoring their word. Their support team works for you. If you put this product into action in the next 30 days, they promise you’ll get results. If you don’t get results, you can get your investment returned (so you take no risk at all).

Q: Is Clever Messenger Really for me?
A: Look, every day it’s becoming harder to engage your audience. First, people open fewer emails these days, and, second, on social media everybody talks at once; you can barely see your own posts for all the noise. This Messenger chatbot solves this problem, giving you a private channel of communication with each user. It’s instant, interactive, and fully automated, and no message ever goes lost.

Anyone caring about their online business cares about communicating with their audience. Especially when it comes to using a new fresh channel which can now be automated completely with Clever Messenger.

If you care about your business, then yes, this is for you.

Remember the clock is ticking. The sale ends at midnight EDT/NY time. Go now and get your copy, here: Clever Messenger. And don’t forget to use your discount coupon SPECIAL300.

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