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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Mark Dulisse releases powerful robot builder for Facebook Messenger #ad

Facebook Messenger has a big advantage over email – people read the messages more faithfully, probably because people spend a lot of time on Facebook so they see the messages, these messages are still novel and Facebook puts them “in your face”, to a higher degree than email is. If you put in the effort, you can build a business using Messenger. We see several marketers in our Messenger almost daily. But there is a significant commitment of time involved in manually communicating with your contacts via Messenger. Mark Dulisse has just introduced new software that can take over... [...]

This just in: Mark Dulisse releases Ultimate FB Platform: Chat Robot #ad

We just learned that Mark Dulisse is releasing his: Ultimate FB Platform: Chat Robot this morning. The goal of this new software is to help you get new contacts, make more sales and support your customers better. Here’s a run-down of the capabilities of this new software’s capabilities: ► Messenger Bot Builder ► Lead Magnet Tools (6) ► Messenger Broadcaster ► Drip Campaigns ► Bot Templates ► Multi-Page Poster ► Auto Comment Reply’s ► Facebook Live Video ► Human Chat Takeover ► And More We only learned about this new offer at press time, so we don’t have more... [...]

A professional video player for all your sites #ad

Mark Dulisse just re-released his popular Covert Player Pro.<>/p> This professional video play has the features a marketer needs, and in this short-term sales, it has a price that will please. Look at some of the things it can do for you: • Capture people’s email addresses at significant turning points in the video process (beginning, end, any pause point, etc.) • Show a Call to Actions at significant turning points in the video process, too. • Create a flexible playlist for your users so they can easily watch their favorite videos again • Let text Wrap Around video thumbnails,... [...]

Video Effects WP theme sale continues, but price rising daily #ad

Mark Dulisse and Todd Gross have collaborated to release a new visual WordPress theme that is particularly useful for opt-in pages, but also can play a role in sales pages, as well. Their Video Effects Press WP Theme will let you center your video or other content on top of a moving video background This helps hold people’s attention long enough to build their interest in what you have to say. On the sales page are links to 7 demo pages made with this plugin. The bad news is that in the 2 days it has been live, its price has risen several times, and will rise again If you need a compelling... [...]

Video Effects WP Theme Early-bird discount until 8 AM EDT #ad

Video Effects WP Theme is live #ad Mark Dulisse is released Video Effects Press WP Theme this morning. It’s a visually attractive full-screen background WordPress Theme. (like the ones used by major news sites). He is pricing it at a reasonable price (currently, $14 for an unlimited personal license and just $3 more for a developer’s license. Watch Todd Gross‘s video to see the effect (the whole page) this theme supplies, and get the best price. (It is rising every few hours, so don’t delay.)/p> Video Effects Press WP Theme comes with 5 background videos, and another 15... [...]

Video Effects Press WP Theme with Dramatic Video Backgrounds #ad

One of the hottest video trend is full-screen video background landing pages. Take a look at the Paypal landing page, as an example, and there are plenty of others. Big companies are moving in this direction because these pages relax the website visitor, or conveys a message, or puts them in a buying mood. Unfortunately, the software to create these attractive pages has been expensive, so many of us small businesses have been left out of the revolution. but tomorrow that all changes because Mark Dulisse releases software to create this effect “for the rest of us”. He calls it Video Effects... [...]

Video Analytics Pro: Make the most of your marketing videos #ad

Mark Dulisse has built a data analysis tool for video marketers, to tell them which of their videos are performing, and how well. Video Analytics Pro makes use of the new Google Universal Analytics to pull data from all of your videos. If your videos are going to make you money you need to answer questions like these: • Where are your viewers clicking Pause and never finishing your video? • Are your viewers pausing and fast forwarding an entire section? • What percent of the people who land on your page actually clicking the Play button? • What is the heatmap showing me... [...]

Mark Dulisse Launches ‘The Traffic Player’ WordPress Plugin

Mark Dulisse has launched ‘The Traffic Player’ WordPress Plugin. According to Dulisse, ‘The Traffic Player’ enables marketers to get more traffic online. ‘The Traffic Player’ is available with YouTube and Flash Player supports. [The Traffic Player] […]  [...]

‘Top 8 Social Media SEO Tips For More Traffic’ by Mark Dulisse

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Mark Dulisse’s latest blog post is titled “Top 8 Social Media SEO Tips For More Traffic”. [Blog] […]  [...]

‘3 Hundred Internet Marketers System’ Brian Johnson and Mark Dulisse’s Webinar March 29

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Brian Johnson and Mark Dulisse are hosting a webinar on Thursday, March 31 at 9.00 pm EDT. The topic of the webinar is “3 Hundred Internet Marketers System”. [Webinar] […]  [...]

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