Facebook Messenger has a big advantage over email – people read the messages more faithfully, probably because people spend a lot of time on Facebook so they see the messages, these messages are still novel and Facebook puts them “in your face”, to a higher degree than email is.

If you put in the effort, you can build a business using Messenger. We see several marketers in our Messenger almost daily. But there is a significant commitment of time involved in manually communicating with your contacts via Messenger.

Mark Dulisse has just introduced new software that can take over some of the work you would otherwise be doing manually. His new software is called Ultimate FB Platform: Chat Robot.

You need to start with getting people to accept your Messenger messages. Dulisse has included 7 Powerful Lead Magnets that attract people into your Messenger conversations.

That’s the foundation for using Messenger, whether manually or through a robot. Building on that, Dulisse’s software lets you build your bot with an automated sequence of responses using his AI and keyword capabilities. As you put together your automated conversation for your bot, you’ll be able to see the flow of the conversation using the Tree View feature of Ultimate FB Platform: Chat Robot.

The bot you build can be quite flexible in talking with people on Messenger, due to the many bot “skills” you can build into your conversations:
► Text, Images, Audios, Videos, Files (PDFs, for example)
► Quick Replies, which can capture Email, Phone Number, and Location of people who sign up
► Templates for various types of messages: Generic, Button with Text, Carousal, List Template, Media Template
► Export/Import a Bot Template (making reuse easy)

Using Ultimate FB Platform: Chat Robot, you can send bulk messages to Facebook Messenger users, and as we mentioned, there’s a high open rate, up to 80%.

There is one aspect of this that is ground-breaking and not available anywhere else: The Multi-Page Bulk Sender for sending promotional content. Multi-Page Bulk Sender uses a different API than the one-on-one interactive bots use. It uses Facebook’s Conversation API. For Ultimate FB Platform: Chat Robot, which give you a unique benefit. Why is this so important? Because there is no restriction for sending promotional content, as there is with Facebook’s Bot API. Multi-Page Bulk Sender is a valuable tool when you need to send some promotional content.

Again, Ultimate FB Platform: Chat Robot is the only tool to give you this capability.

There are several service plans you can choose from, including an agency plan that allows you to offer chat robot building as a service for other businesses.

There’s a lot more that can be said about this new and powerful Facebook tool. See it all here: Ultimate FB Platform: Chat Robot.

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