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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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‘Three Steps for Crafting More-Personalized and Better-Performing Content’ – MarketingProfs

Jacob Warwick says, “Most content marketers strive to create content that not only speaks directly to their target audience but also compels that audience to take desirable actions with the marketer’s business or brand. That sounds terrific in theory, but producing such content is easier said than done; there simply isn’t a template or solution that […]

‘How to Raise Your KPIQ: Key Performance Indicators and Your Marketing IQ’ – MarketingProfs

Barry Feldman says, “You’re driving. You need to know what speed you’re traveling at, how many miles you’ve traveled, how much gas remains in the tank, and what temperature your engine is running at. Now imagine how much it’d slow you down to go to four separate places to get that information. You’d have to stop […]

‘Eight Subscription Models and Five Best-Practices for Your Offerings’ – MarketingProfs

Victoria DeRosa says, “Once upon a time, subscriptions used to be limited to newspapers and magazines. Now you can’t get through a day without seeing or hearing about a different type of recurring delivery. In this day and age, virtually anything you can think of that one can possibly purchase or use can be automatically […]

‘Six Email Worst-Practices: How to Send Your Emails to Your Customer’s Trash’ – MarketingProfs

Dan Hanrahan says, “You’ve Got (Tons of) Mail More than 205 billion emails are sent out every day; email is the glue that helps clever marketing stick. Some 72% of US adults say they prefer that companies communicate with them through email, and 91% say they’d like to receive promotional emails from the companies they […]

‘The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting’ – MarketingProfs

Laura Forer says, “Facebook ad targeting allows marketers to carefully select an audience. It’s a powerful way for Facebook advertisers to hyper-target very specific groups. But ad targeting can also be overwhelming, because there are so many options to choose from. An infographic by Facebook ad agency Advertisemint brings clarity to the ad targeting choices […]

‘The Impact of Email List Segmentation on Engagement’ – MarketingProfs

Ayaz Nanji says, “Segmented email campaigns have, on average, significantly higher open and click rates—and significantly lower bounce, abuse, and unsubscribe rates—than non-segmented campaigns, according to recent research from MailChimp. The report was based on data from 11,000 segmented campaigns sent by 2,000 MailChimp customers to nearly 9 million recipients. The researchers compared the performance […]

‘Improve Your Marketing Communications With Insights From Neuromarketing’ – MarketingProfs

Lawson Abinanti says, “Would you like to significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing communications? Of course, you would… We all would. If you were to read Neuromarketing by Patrick Renvoisé and Christophe Morin, you would better understand how to get prospects to respond to your marketing efforts. This article is the first of two […]

‘The Five Most Important Digital Marketing Skills for 2017’ – MarketingProfs

Lux Narayan says, “As marketing technologies, channels, and platforms evolve, the skill sets of digital marketing professionals must evolve as well if businesses are to be able to successfully execute digital marketing strategies in 2017. Does your marketing team have the most important skills it needs for continued success and enhanced efforts? To identify potential talent […]

‘How to Tackle the 4Ws of Marketing Content Creation With Data’ – MarketingProfs

Lux Narayan says, “As with most undertakings, before you begin writing or otherwise creating content, you should ask yourself some stock questions: why, what, when, and where—the 4Ws of content creation. And because creating marketing content is as much science as it is art, the most powerful weapon you have at your disposal is data. So, […]

‘How Using Emojis in Instagram Posts Influences Engagement’ – MarketingProfs

Ayaz Nanji says, “Instagram posts that include emojis receive 17% more likes and comments than posts that do not include emojis, according to recent research from quintly. The report was based on data from 6.2 million Instagram posts by 20,000 profiles (brands and individual users) in 2016. Posts that include at least one emoji have an […]