Jacob Warwick says, “Content marketing can be one of the most effective strategies for organizations that want to build engaged audiences and garner long-term marketing wins, but the intricacies of content marketing can be intimidating, particularly if you’re working with a small or underbudgeted team.

However, whether you’re focused on building a content strategy, creating and distributing content, or measuring content performance, even one-person teams can successfully implement content marketing.

How? Setting expectations, contracting with outside help, and staying the course with your content strategy can help you achieve big content wins even with small teams.

1. Set expectations (and benchmarks)

Content marketing is ultimately a long-term strategy. Though some content can garner early brand-awareness and audience-building wins, you don’t typically see the same immediate results or measurable returns that you would with pay-per-click advertising or email marketing, for example”.

How Small Marketing Teams Can Achieve Big Content Wins


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