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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Strategic Objectives vs. Shiny Objects #ad

ContentSparks has just released a new training package, Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop. They point out that if you don’t have strategic objectives for your business, you are likely to waste both time and money on the shiny objects that are continually appearing in our environment: video this, Facebook that, or AI the other. What is your vision for how your business will help people and earn an income for that help? You need to get that question answered correctly before you set about laying in tools to make it happen. Otherwise, the tools probably won’t be up to the task. Digital... [...]

The Best Digital Marketing Strategy You’ve Never Tried [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘The Best Digital Marketing Strategy You’ve Never Tried’ revealing a unique digital marketing strategy. He says, “The best digital marketing strategy you’ve never tried. I’ve tried a lot of marketing tactics over the year, and I’ve tried them on all sorts of businesses in different industries. Some tactics just work really, really well, no matter what industry you’re in. Other tactics just don’t work as well. And some tactics work specifically for specific industries. But when you look at the ones that work... [...]

Building an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Image Source: Pixabay Our growing attachment to technology and daily use of the internet continues to influence almost every part of the way a business is run. Marketing, specifically, has evolved tremendously. For example, relying solely on word-of-mouth marketing to boost brand awareness and keep customers rolling in is a thing of the past. And so is a strategy that consists exclusively of traditional marketing. Digital marketing is becoming one of (if not the most) popular methods of marketing for businesses and non-profit organizations. Marketers are leveraging the fact that most people engage... [...]

11 Steps to Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

A strong digital marketing strategy enables you to increase your website traffic, get more leads and increase sales. According to Smart Insights, 45% of companies do not have a well defined digital marketing strategy. To help you craft an effective digital marketing campaign strategy for your business, Exposure Ninja contributor Susanna Kemp has shared a 11-step guide. Kemp says, “Reviewing examples of business success is a great way to learn about what makes an effective digital marketing campaign. But how do you put this into practice for your business? The experts at Exposure... [...]

Five steps to create a digital strategy

A digital marketing strategy that improves your sales and helps in establishing your brand – is something every marketer wishes to achieve. Forming such a strategy requires in-depth analysis of the tools that can be used and the approaches behind them. State of Digital contributor Morgen Henderson has shared a five-step plan to create and implement an integrated digital strategy. Henderson says, “Here’s a step-by-step to assess your marketing so you can create and implement an integrated digital strategy. Evaluate What You’re Working With You can’t plan a strategy... [...]