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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Create Attention-­Grabbing Pro Videos In Just Minutes #ad

Explaindio, perennial favorite for marketing videos, has been upgraded again. For years, Explaindio has been a big seller among individual marketers and small businesses who wanted to create professional marketing videos. Thousands of copies have been sold. We bought a copy of the very first version and have never regretted it. Now, after years of success and several new versions, Explaindio, Version 4 has been released by its creator, Andrew Darius. And it is amazing how far it has come from the initial release over 4 years ago. This is desktop software available for PC or Mac. Fortunately for... [...]

40 top podcasts are looking for guests. Details inside. #ad

Being interviewed on a top-rated podcast provides you with the opportunity to gain nationwide or worldwide visibility. And this allows you to sell more of your products, programs and services. As a bonus, it builds your fame as an expert in your niche. It doesn’t cost you anything to appear as a guest so it’s the best free publicity you can imagine. If you’ve been looking improved results on your marketing initiatives, and you need to generate more leads, conversations and sales, podcast appearances can get you where you need to go. The podcasting phenomenon is changing the way entrepreneurs... [...]

AzonStation Brings Passive Affiliate Sales #ad

There is brand new, cloud-based software coming out today at 11 AM EDT. AzonStation gives even complete beginners free viral traffic on autopilot and lets you use it to: • Get visitors to your site • Build your list • Generate sales, ad revenue & commissions. It only takes seconds for this brand new, proprietary technology to build a site that takes advantage of the power of Amazon affiliate stores and free Google traffic. You can see this new solution here, and if you hurry, you can get an earlybird discount: AzonStation. It only takes 3 simple steps to get going: 1. It curates... [...]

Search Engines and Marketing Success

It may be hard to believe, but search engine have been around for 25 years, helping internet users find what they are looking for. In the early days, an army of humans collected data and made it available. Yahoo was the best-known search engine taking that approach. They have tried various user interfaces, including an early attempt by Ask Jeeves (renamed now to Ask.Com) at a conversational interface. Long-time internet users may remember the day when Alta Vista was the king of the search engine hill. Since then, there have been many changes to the search engine road map. As search engines have... [...]

Linked Assist software for automated LinkedIn marketing #ad

Software being released today, called Linked Assist, will generate Leads in any niche, using LinkedIn Here is what Linked Assist can do for you: 1. Automatically send connection requests 2. Automatically send messages to people you ca connected with 3. Export connection data in CSV format, for import into Excel, etc. 4. Automatically endorse profiles of your connections 5. Save your messages and signature blocks as templates for future use. Sell more with LinkedIn. Check out this new software here: Linked Assist  [...]

SnapMailPro: Automate all your email marketing ($1 trial) #ad

There’s new email software (with human support to do a lot of the work for you) just announced. It’s called SnapMailPro, and it is the only Done-for-You Email Marketing solution. They not only are offering innovative email software; they will do the work to get the software ready to use in your business. With SnapMailPro and their set-up help, you’ll earn more profits, save time, and eliminate technology-related hassles. The SnapMailPro team is experienced in email marketing and implements the best email practices when they work for you, including: • segmentation, • A/B testing, •... [...]

Social Link Machine, v.2 #ad

Google is still king of the search engines. So marketers who want to do well need to keep Google in mind, whatever else they do. Showing up on the first page of the search engine results for important words and phrases related to your niche, is the most important online marketing strategy you can have. But what tactics can place you on page 1 for your terms? Increasingly, your “social signals” (references to your site on social media sites) are the difference between success and failure. Is your site favorably mentioned in social media? Andy Black and Max Vershinin have just announced... [...]

Digital Cover Design Is not Hard (Here’s Why) #ad

Jimmy Kim and Adeel Chowdhry just opened doors to their Pixel Studio FX Digital Design Platform. It’s a powerful, but simple, web-based e-cover design tool that will allow you create amazingly detailed digital covers for all of your products. This is the e-cover design tool that they use in their own online business for all their products. They have made a video to show how easy it is to use. It solves a major problem that product creators, offline marketers and others have in getting their work accepted by the general public: Having a professional, attractive look for their product, what’s... [...]

ECover Creator, Version 2, for all media covers #ad

Last weekend, eCover Creator, Version 2. was announced. Marketers who were quick got the est price, but the grand opening sale is still going on. With this new tool, you can easily create impressive e-book covers, three-dimensional boxes, and DVD covers. And it doesn’t require any design skills. It uses Photoshop to accomplish its magic. Skill level isn’t important: if you can type on your PC or click your mouse, then you can use this software. See the video here: eCover Creator. Whoever you are, you need this professional tool. * Product developers can create a high-converting ecover... [...]

Zap Deals: Scarcity engine to drive sales #ad

Zap Deals: Scarcity engine to drive sales #ad Sam Robinson has just released Zap Deals software It builds sales pages with a count down timer. Visitors have a limited time to decide and buy. You will see it in action on their sales page. Once you land, you have 2 hours to buy. Watch the timer at the bottom of the page. And that’s just the beginning. Zap Deals has a rich set of features to promote scarcity: • You set up your sales page with either a time limit or a quantity limit for the deal. • You can collect leads . You can even collect local leads and sell them to a local business. •... [...]