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Friday, March 31, 2023

Quotes Buddy: Collection Of High-Converting Quotes in Canva #ad

Quotes Buddy lets you engage your audience on social media with inspiring and shareable quote templates. Maghfur Amin, the creator of these designs, describes this template pack as “the most comprehensive PLR bundle for high-converting quote designs!” It’s a large collection of attractive quotation visual designs in a bundle that you can use to boost your social media engagement or (since you are getting a PLR license) to start your own digital product business selling designs to other marketers or both. Here is what you need to know about the Quotes Buddy collection of designs: ➤... [...]

Multiple Streams of Income; How to Get Started #ad

Today, ContentSparks launches a new coaches’ training package Multiple Streams of Income, and as they usually do, they are including PLR rights with your purchase. This means that if you want, you can place your name on this package and sell to others who want to know how to create Multiple Streams of Income for themselves. Of course, that’s not necessary to benefit from this training. Creating multiple streams for yourself can benefit your own income and pay for this purchase. Many people have heard of the importance of having multiple streams of income; if one stream falls short,... [...]

ProfileMate: Quickly collect your prospect list from Instagram #ad

ProfileMate 2.0 (2023 edition) was just released By Luke Maguire. This new 2023 version replaces the 1.0 version that was released first in 2020. Instagram has become a fertile source for prospective customers for marketers in all niches. There are two typical ways to use the power of Instagram: 1. Post a video that advertises your product or service or invites people to your website, where you place your ad. 2. Less known, but you can send emails to Instagram users in your niche. This normally has been hard to do because it is hard to collect contact information for Instagram users, ProfileMate... [...]

GPTVoicer: Create High-Quality Content & Professional Voiceovers #ad

GPTVoicer, just released, is a 2-In-1 ChatGPT Powered Application: ➤ GPT Writing Tool ➤ GPT Speech Creator GPTVoicer comes with ready-made DFY Sales Content and a Commercial License. GPTVoicer is a ground-breaking ChatGPT-powered App that creates lightning-fast high quality, error-free content, hundreds of email swipes, video scripts, and sales copies, professional videos, voiceovers, etc, for your marketing needs – within minutes. You are getting a GPT Speech Creator + Writing Tool: with 100+ Ready-made Templates + GPT Video Creator + GPT Vox Generator). Both a Personal License &... [...]

Last day for AI Hub: ChatGPT-Powered Marketing Tool Suite #ad

Today is your final opportunity to get AI Hub, the cutting-edge artificial intelligence 20-In 1 ChatGPT toolkit that is taking the market by storm. The Ai Hub launch is closing at midnight EST.This ChatGPT-powered application Suite: ✅ Generates human-like responses to complex questions ✅ Creates high-quality content ✅ Generates AI Text to Video ✅ High-quality Text to Image Art ✅ Crafts high-converting marketing materials ✅ Writes code ✅ And designs stunning AI graphics & art ✅ Plus, it has a ChatGPT AI Chatbot. But here’s the catch: this is your last chance to take... [...]

Final Call, Price Rising] Newbie Affiliate Secrets #ad

If: 1. You haven’t grabbed your copy of Newbie Affiliate Secrets yet, 2. You want to get a proven, step-by-step system going, and 3. You want to not waste your hard-earned cash, Then, don’t delay. Get your copy now because the cost is doubling this weekend. ​Stuart Stirling has been an affiliate marketer for a long time. We first ran into him 17 years ago, and he was already mentoring people at that time. He knows his stuff. He says that Newbie Affiliate Secrets is a system you, no matter what level of experience you have, can learn. And at this special launch price, just $9.95, you... [...]

AI Hub: 20-in-1 ChatGPT-Powered Marketing Tool Suite #ad

There are many tasks online marketers do. AI Hub assists in virtually all of them. Here is a representative sample: ➤ Creating Content, ➤ Eye Catchy Graphics, ➤ Converting Text To Video, ➤ Text To Image, ➤ AI Chatbot, ➤ Keyword To Video, ➤ Keyword To Image, ➤ Corrects Grammar, ➤ Makes Image Variations, ➤ Writes Product Names, ➤ Interviews, ➤ Summarizes & explains Text, ➤ Topic Outlines, ➤ Sentiment Analysis, ➤ Proofreading, ➤ Analogy Maker, ➤ Keyword Extractor, ➤ Ad Copy ➤ Spreadsheet Generator AI Hub can do any of these things for you in moments. Watch... [...]

Amazon AI Loophole: Let AI write and publish your Kindle book #ad

Amazon AI Loophole was just launched. You might be tempted to think it’s just another in the long string of AI products being launched recently. But this one is different. It’s specifically for writing e-books, and it makes the process about as simple as writing your grocery list. When you use Amazon AI Loophole, all you do is tell it what you want your book to be about. It researches the information on the web on your topic, organizes it, creates a table of contents, creates the text of the book, and shows your unique book to you for final editing. Once you approve its work, you tell... [...]

Newbie Affiliate Secrets: How to get started in affiliate marketing #ad

Stuart Stirling has just released Newbie Affiliate Secrets to help new affiliate marketers (or those who haven’t yet found affiliate success) to get going on the right foot. He says his goal is to make it easier for you to earn affiliate commission by doing affiliate marketing the smart way. Since he created this training specifically for marketers who haven’t yet found success, this may be the best newbie-friendly, step-by-step affiliate training you’ve ever seen. year. We all were beginners once. Some of us still are. After 17 years online, we still have a little of the Beginner... [...]

How to Make your First 100 Bucks Online

We have a gift for out readers, : How to Make your First 100 Bucks Online This e-book explains how to begin affiliate marketing, one of the easiest ways to get started online. For most affiliate programs, in which you earn a commission for bringing customers to businesses, there is no cost to get started. You can use a free website or use free l media to promote products. However, it helps if you spend a bit of money on building your affiliate business. As soon as you can, you should begin building an e-mail list so that you can send follow-up promotions to interested people. This will cost at... [...]