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Saturday, July 20, 2024

ShortsAI 2.0: Grow your YouTube channel with short videos #ad

The latest version of ShortsAI Elite Webinar, an updated 2.0, now known as ShortsAI Elite,lets you increase your visibility and reach, improve engagement and interaction with your clients and prospects, and enhance your monetization opportunities and brand recognition. This new software features: ✔ AI-Generated Scripts from YouTube Transcripts (NEW!): Quickly turn any YouTube video into a polished script, saving time on content creation and ensuring your videos are engaging and relevant. ✔ In-App Thumbnail and Graphic Creation (NEW!): Create eye-catching thumbnails and graphics directly... [...]

ShortsAI Elite: Get Lots of Views with Short Videos #ad

TikTok made short videos super popular. YouTube, Instagram & others followed. ShortsAI Elite lets you create short videos to take advantage of this trend. People have started spending hours each day watching dozens of these videos back to back. (We are tempted; so are you. You know their power.) It wasn’t long before Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram caught on and added short videos for their viewers. Not only are they entertaining but, more important to us, they’re also super effective for marketing. You see, these social giants want people to stay on their platform as long as possible.... [...]

DomainLab: Start Domain & Hosting Business in 3 Steps #ad

With DomainLab, which was just released, you won’t have to pay huge fees each month for domain registration & hosting. You probably pay more for one month of hosting now than you will for lifetime hosting that lets you start your own profitable domain & hosting selling business. DomainLab is the only platform we know of that allows you to: ► Have Your 100% Own Domain & Hosting Selling Platform + Get Fastest Loading Ever ► Easily Add Millions Of Domains to Your Sales Pages from Every TLD (.com, .net, .org, etc.) ► Profit From Selling Top Notch Domains & Hosting At The... [...]

Game Builder AI: Make Escape Room & Mystery Games #ad

Cindy Donovan has just released the Game Builder AI training, software, template, and AI prompt bundle. These Escape Room & Mystery Game Kits are big business, and with this all-inclusive kit you can dive in and claim your shre of this market. I am not involved in these games (although my children ad grandchildren are). Maybe you are like me and have missed the escape room and mystery game craze. Donovan says it’s not too late, it’s just getting started. There are so many sub-niches literally not even discovered yet that there is still plenty of room for other marketers to build a business. The... [...]

SoftSites: Self-Updating Websites to Sell Software #ad

There’s income available in the software business, lots of it. SoftSites lets you create a self-updating premium software store website that sells WordPress themes and plugins, PHP scripts with GPL License (Like PLR license), and more. The Sites it builds are not static. They will be adding new products day by day. SoftSites gives you these benefits: 1. No need for domain and hosting purchases; host on your sub-domain on their server. 2. 1000+ Premium software and templates on the sites. 3. Can be used with an existing domain or our subdomain to buid your own brand 4. The website will have... [...]

Cuisine Master Viral Video Pack: 500 viral cooking videos #ad

Food is one of the most popular online niches. Cuisine Master Viral Video Pack lets you enter the niche, publish helpful content, and build your list of hungry followers. Cuisine Master Viral Video Pack is a flavorful pack of 500 delicious and healthy professional cooking training videos, packed with 10 e-book recipes. You can use this All-in-One Pack cuisine videos in various ways in your life (cook these new recipes) and, for our purposes, in your business: ➤ Sell it as is ➤ Upload on YouTube with your affiliate link for an Amazon cooking product related to the recipe ➤ Add To your Cooking... [...]

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market #ad

Today, ContentSparks launches How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market, a course for your own business and, if you choose, to sell to others. You get Private Label Rights you so you may put your own name on the course, effectively becoming its author. Many businesses are simply a “face in the crowd” among other merchants trying to sell the same or similar products and services. They are struggling to stand out and compete in their market. There are many reasons they aren’t getting traction in their marketplace. For example: ➤ Customer needs have changed, but they haven’t kept... [...]

Quillaio can write high-quality product reviews #ad

Quillaio Review Creation Software Quillaio is being launched today by Joshua Zamora. If you haven’t signed up for the 10:00 EDT live demo, do so here: Quillaio Demo. If you miss the live demo, there will be a recorded demo at the same link. The buzz around “AI Content” has led to a persistent query – “Is AI capable of writing product reviews?” The significance of this question stems from the fact that writing, ranking, and profiting from reviews are integral to online marketing, driving traffic, generating leads, and accelerating sales. However, the common response... [...]

Quillaio writes reviews for any product; demo tomorrow #ad

Quillaio is the most advanced platform for folks like you and me that is able to write, optimize, and post profit-producing product reviews from any URL in 90 seconds. It’ll write: ✔️ Regular Reviews for any product or service ✔️ Comparison Reviews for competing products (“x VS y” keywords) ✔️ Reviews from “How To” keywords ✔️ Reviews from “for dummies” keywords ✔️ and much more. With Quillaio, you can create profitable, high-ranking product reviews written by the most powerful AI Engine you have ever seen. You can finally get high rankings... [...]

Supercharge Your Online Business with HubCart #ad

HubCart eCommerce Management Software for Small Business Are you ready to build your online business to new levels? HubCart was just released. It was designed to revitalize the way you create, manage, and sell your products online. It s built on the ChatGPT platform and can take advantage of all the features of your ChatGPT subscription, including ChatGPT 4’s Professional’s unique graphic creation if you are subscribed. Why HubCart? All-in-One Solution From designing stunning products to publishing them in your shop, HubCart simplifies every step. No more juggling multiple tools and... [...]

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