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Thursday, January 26, 2023

7 Ways to Improve Website Accessibility for Better SEO

Website accessibility is crucial regardless of your business’s industry or its size. An accessible website allows you to promote your brand to users around the world. Plus, you can use this accessible site to further distinguish your brand from industry rivals. Web accessibility and SEO go hand in hand. Using website accessibility best practices is a great way to future-proof your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, too. It helps visitors find your website. In addition, you can enhance your site’s user experience (UX). There are many things you can do to improve your site’s... [...]

Organically Growing With Authenticity: How to Connect With Your Audience

Organic growth is crucial to the success of any business. The days of solely focusing on paid advertising and pay-per-click are gone. While those things are still important and have their place, nowadays, people want to feel a connection with the businesss and businesses they choose. So you need to investigate how to connect with your audience. For the sake of your business, do it now, not later. One study found that when companies create and participate in relevant conversations online,44% of consumers said they would feel a stronger connection. Since many consumers base their spending habits... [...]

Seven Ways to Build A Loyal Customer Base

Building a loyal customer base requires more detailed work than complex work. It takes time to learn what your customers want and bring it to life in your business. Equally important for improving customer loyalty is ensuring your approach is rooted in genuineness, appreciation, and honesty. Earning consumer trust and confidence can impact all things in your business, but it’s not a simple feat. People aren’t prone to giving companies a second chance when they have a bad experience at any point in their customer journey. Focusing on building loyalty from introduction to purchase and... [...]

Future Projections for UX in E-commerce

The User Experience (UX) means everything to the success of an e-commerce platform. That’s because UX can make or break lead conversion, sales, and customer satisfaction.  As you look to a future of business success on a digital platform, trends in UX are especially important to note. These future projections for UX in e-commerce will tell you what you need to know about getting ahead in the digital marketplace of tomorrow. Explore these UX projections to learn how to improve your digital marketing efforts for the modern era. Seamless Mobile Experiences First off, UX has been reshaped... [...]

How to Appeal to Gen Y and Gen Z on Social Media

Whether you’re promoting an industry leader’s brand or are building a small business’s SEO strategy, you’ve probably noticed that Generations Y (Gen Y) and Z (Gen Z) audiences are a little different. Gens Y and Z consist of anyone born between 1981 and the early 2010s. This means they grew up in the digital age and are accustomed to having the power of the internet and social media at the tips of their fingers. Additionally, Gens Y & Z have different financial habits than other folks, and will only make a serious purchase from a brand that aligns with their values and... [...]

Evergreen Marketing Saves Time; Content for all seasons

In the marketing profession, we know that staying on top of the latest trends is key to helping our company stand out. However, constantly churning out new content that only remains relevant for a short time is time-consuming and expensive, and for most marketers, it is not sustainable. It’s essential to have a strategy for content that will last, content that will stay fresh and relevant no matter what month or year it is. The constant chaos of keeping up with new trends can be eased by implementing a strategy for content that requires little to no effort and can, nevertheless, stand the... [...]

How Customer Experience (CX) Impacts Remote Business Mgt. Strategy

Consider this scenario. You are building a remote workforce, perhaps scattered around the world. And you are committed to doing everything in your power to help your remote staff thrive. As part of your efforts, you need to reassess your customer experience (“CX”) initiatives. Internal communication between your remote workers and you (and with each other) can impact how well you meet your customers’ needs. That review of your customer interactions can show you misalignments between these initiatives and your remote business management strategy.  Understanding the Relationship... [...]

Using Video Marketing to Appeal to Gen Z

The global marketplace has never been more crowded. No longer are you competing with the Mom and Pop next door or the Big Box chain down the street. Now, more than ever before, ensuring that your online business presence not only survives but thrives also means ensuring that it stands out above a sea of competitors. While this borderless marketplace opens up a virtually infinite target market, it also requires immense skill, creativity, and strategy if you are going to cultivate a reputation (or “brand”) that your target market will both recognize and respect. And if your goal is to... [...]

Garnering Major Impressions Through Gaming

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels Gaming and gaming viewership is on the rise. Twitch, a major broadcasting platform for gaming, has reported an 86% increase in viewership since January of 2020, with several days where viewership has surpassed 6 million people. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, either: in 2021, 227 million Americans played video games.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just Gen-Z men who are gaming. Data from the U.K. suggests that more women are getting into gaming and gaming streams and that more mature audiences are also playing... [...]

Capitalizing on Digital Marketing Micro-Moments

Image Source: Pexels Marketing has changed significantly over the last couple of decades. Just as our technological age has evolved to include tools to keep us all connected, so too have the ways companies deliver messaging changed in tandem. With each new leap in technology and online consumer behavior, the business world has had to develop fresh marketing strategies to best capitalize on them. Whether you’re a small business owner or leading a marketing team, it can sometimes feel as though just as you’re starting to master a digital marketing method, there’s a need to learn... [...]