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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Content Sparks Spotlight Special: Sales Pages that Convert #ad

How to Create Sales Pages that Convert is a course that’s critical for anyone who sells anything online. And it comes with all the extra you need if you would like to teach this material to others. The # 1 goal of any sales page is to persuade people to buy your offer. To achieve that, it needs to: ➤ Capture visitors’ attention ➤ Elicit their emotions ➤ Connect with their relevant problem ➤ Help them envision a new reality ➤ Prove that you can provide the best solution ➤ Compel them to purchase it There’s no question about it, to sell online you need to have a sales... [...]

White Label Assessments for Lead Generation #ad

Your site needs leads; our site needs leads; all marketers need leads. White Label Assessments for Lead Generation provides leads by giving targeted clients a valuable service. If you sell to other online marketers, or to any business, for that matter, they are often wondering what services they need. you can help them decide with an assessment of their needs. The new White Label Assessments for Lead Generation package (which is just launched by Content Sparks) makes building the assessment simple. Suppose you offer a free checklist they can use to assess their business’s current fitness... [...]

Content Sparks 50% off sale (this weekend only) #ad

For years, Content Sparks has been producing high-quality ghost-written PLR training materials that you can use as your own by adding your name and logo to the unlabeled materials. We have mentioned their work in IM NewsWatch many times, (and have invested in quite a bit of it.) If you missed any of their content in their past sales, this is your second chance to get content you can incorporate into webinars, online classes, or printed or recorded products. They are offering a 50% discount on their whole catalog of training materials.(Use Coupon Code NewBday2021 for today’s sale prices.)... [...]

Show businesses how to do cutting-edge customer service #ad

Customer service can make or break any business. People come to customer service when they are already upset. Cutting-Edge Customer Service can restore their trust; poor customer service can drive them away. If you can show a business how its customer service can be improved, you will change the direction of the company. Content Sparks has just released Cutting-Edge Customer Service, a training program that you can use as your own to train business leaders, either on-site or online, to make their customer service world-class. This new, exclusive course is ideal for a consultant or trainer who helps... [...]

Ends at Midnight: (New) Social Media Master Plan Training #ad

The Early Bird window for the big new course release from Content Sparks – Create Your Social Media Master Plan – ends at midnight, PST. This is a comprehensive course that you will learn a lot from, to improve your own social media marketing effectiveness and, if you choose, you can teach it to others. This value-packed course walks step-by-step through everything you need for both learning and teaching how to create a social media master plan. It is well-designed both for learning and for teaching: Create Your Social Media Master Plan The course comes in 3 versions. If you only want... [...]

The Art of Storyselling: What is Storyselling and why should I care? #ad

Storyselling is the commercial version of storytelling. Everyone loves a good story, so it’s a powerful way to increase brand visibility and recognition and even sales. For the next 7 days only, Content Sparks, headed by Sharyn Sheldon is offering The Art of Storyselling, a complete training program on storyselling. When we say it is a training program, we mean that besides showing you all the “ins and outs” of selling with stories, it also equips you to train others. With this easy-to-edit, complete storyselling course kit, you get: ➤ A ready-to-teach course, saving you... [...]

Selling with Webinars: Training for you and your clients #ad

Have you ever sat down to watch what you thought would be a fascinating webinar, only to spend the first 15 minutes listening to the presenter tell you how great he is? Or 45 minutes of sales pitch with no useful training, no nuggets of wisdom you can put to work in your business? That’s not the way to sell you something with webinars. It’s a waste of your time. Try this in your own webinar, and you’ll make a lot of enemies, not a lot of sales. Or maybe you did discover a lot of practical tips from a presenter, but when it ended you weren’t sure what to do next. ? Was there... [...]

How to create a High-ticket Virtual Bootcamp; Last day of sale #ad

The launch week pricing on Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp is coming to an end at midnight PDT. This is a brand new PLR course. Content Sparks, the creator, calls it a “Blaze level” course kit, which means it includes: • Student materials • Instructor materials, and • Lead Generation materials. Here’s a quick FAQ for this new PLR course. You can learn from the course, and you can teach it, too. See if they help you decide: Q: My audience consists of [fill in YOUR audience]. Are Virtual Bootcamps right for them? A: Virtual Bootcamps are a quick money-earner... [...]

Learn to Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp; teach It, if you like #ad

Content Sparks has just released Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp. This is a brand new, PLR, “Blaze level” course kit, which means it includes Student materials, Instructor materials, and Lead Generation materials. You can learn from it, of course, and start your own high-ticket Bootcamp marketing. But the idea is that you are getting all the content you need to also teach it, even if you have just learned it yourself. You get a 122-page Course Book, a step-by-step action guide, and a lot more handouts for your students. You students will know they are getting their money’s... [...]

Packaging & Pricing Your Services (free planner) #ad

If you offer services, whether online or not, to businesses or to the public in general, how you present your services (i.e., “package” them) and how you price your services are important to your business success. When you package things the wrong way, you’ll struggle with keeping clients happy (even if you’re brilliant at what you do), and you’ll wonder if your business is worth the effort it takes to keep customers happy. Similarly, if you price your services too high, you will lose a lot of sales; price them too low, and you’ll lose a lot of potential income. Through... [...]