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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Christmas Empire collection of PLR Christmas graphics #ad

In a previous ad, we told you about Christmas Empire. Have you seen the images you will find inside it? You should take a look. This collection is a gem with 250 amazing Christmas images, including some stunning A.I. pictures. This massive collection is available just in time for your Christmas marketing. Imagine how many things you can do with 250 images and the unlimited rights you get. Alessandro Zamboni is almost giving those graphics away for pennies and with unlimited rights. It’s a new package, something you have never seen before, carefully researched and beautifully packed with... [...]

Christmas Empire: 250 Xmas images with unlimited rights #ad

If you need to prepare your site for Christmas shopping, Christmas Empire is the place to start. It’s from Alessandro Zamboni and is live now. It offers you a set of 250 authentic Christmas images with unlimited rights. Some are humorous; some are nostalgic; some are photos; some are generated by Artificial Intelligence. There’s always a need for Christmas images this time of year. Starting now means you will be able to prepare your product promotions in time for Christmas and have a website to sell them from that looks right in step with the season. For example, use your images to... [...]

ProfitDom: Profitably selling expired domain names #ad

Alessandro Zamboni recorded this video course for you, following the instructions of a top domain name seller, which made sales for up to $3,500 per transaction. We have a lot of domain names (over a thousand, actually), some of which we have owned for as long as 17 years. We have more domain names than we can manage so we have started selling some. When we saw this training from Zamboni on how to get higher prices when you sell a domain name, we jumped at it. This course talks about what really works to make money every month, and you don’t need to hold a domain name 17 years to do it. In... [...]

Today: Alessandro Zamboni’s Christmas Deals Last Day #ad

Don’t let Christmas Deals 2021 slip away. This collection of online marketing training and tools is available for a tiny price, and it can build your business through many tools and techniques you are getting. Today is the last day of Zamboni’s bundle of his 2021 products, all for the price of just one. This special offer closes at midnight. If you miss it, you will need to wait till Christmas 2022, when he may offer a similar bargain. So if you didn’t get your copy, it’s time you rush to grab your own copy: Christmas Deals 2021. 2021 has been a horrible year for everyone... [...]

Alessandro Zamboni’s Christmas Deals 2021 (9 day sale) #ad

It’s Christmas time, and Alessandro Zamboni‘s Christmas Deals 2021 is here. There have been many Christmas sales recently, but Christmas Deals 2021 is one of the best for online marketers. For nine days only, you can get access to all of the 2021 product releases of Zamboni for $17. (Yes, it is surprisingly low, but it’s true.) Do you want to know what’s inside? Here’s the list: ➤ Crypto Empire ➤ Top Affiliate Empire ➤ Printable Cards Empire ➤ NFT Trading Cards Empire ➤ Artificial Intelligence Empire ➤ Printable Wall Art Empire ➤... [...]

Alessandro Zamboni Year End Product Sale (great bargain) #ad

(also known as his Christmas Deals 2021.) Throughout 2021 Alessandro Zamboni created marketing training products and software products. Many were advertised on the pages of IM NewsWatch. Now, to wind up the year with a bang, he is releasing his Year End product sale. This short (about 2 weeks) sale offers you all 21 of the products he released in 2021 for about what a single product would have cost you earlier in the year, $17. (That’s a bargain basement price, less than $1 per product. If ever there was an irresistible offer, this seems to be it. Inside Year End product sale, are these... [...]

Blockchain Games Empire: Run a Video Games NFT Business #ad

Alessandro Zamboni just released Blockchain Games Empire, a training manual for marketers who want to take advantage of the new fad (which probably isn’t actually a fad, but a new trend) of including NFTs in video games. What’s an NFT, you ask? Wikipedia says A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. NFTs are growing in popularity. There’s only one... [...]

Blockchain Games Empire: How to earn money with Blockchain Games #ad

What do you know about blockchain? Famously, it was the power behind cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin and Ethereum. More recently, the practical uses have expanded to include many business uses and even uses for artwork. (You may remember that we had a notice about MotionNFTMaker, an NFT maker, a few months ago.) Now blockchain is being used in games; NFT graphics are a part of the games. Alessandro Zamboni has just released Blockchain Games Empire to show you how to take advantage of this new game technology. This new training explains how to make money from the newest NFT games, where players... [...]

Journals Empire 2: Create Zero-Content Journals That Sell #ad

Nearly everyone has things that occur from day to day that strike them as important and that deserve to be remembered. What is their solution? A journal (sometimes called a diary) that conveniently lets them record those thoughts and events of the day that they cherish. Journals are a big seller on Amazon(there are over 20,000 to choose from) and on eBay (nearly 28,000 to choose from). This much competition means there are a lot of buyers to attract. One nice thing about selling journals is that there is almost nothing to write to create your book; maybe a date at the top of the page, a decorative... [...]

Affiliate Marketing Empire: grow your list to get affiliate sales on demand #ad

Alessandro Zamboni has been online since 2008 and in these 12 years has become a leading trainer of beginning online marketers. His many training courses have become big sellers and have helped marketers around the world to grow their online businesses. He has just released new training for affiliate marketers, who depend on other people to create products that these affiliate marketers can promote to their communities and receive a commission on sales. His training is called Affiliate Marketing Empire and is based on his own successful strategies as an affiliate marketer. As Zamboni says, “This... [...]