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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Monarch reports $569 per day with Facebook #ad

Venkata Ramana has just released Monarch. In it, he shares a loophole he has uncovered deep inside Facebook’s servers that gives him access to higher earnings on Facebook than many marketers ever receive. Ramana reports that if you have an internet connection and can copy & paste, you can employ this easy method, too. in fact, Ramana borrowed from an old commercial, saying, “So easy a caveman can do it.” All it takes is a couple of minutes to set everything up in the way Monarch explains. Ramana is so confident that you will succeed that if it doesn’t work for you, he... [...]

Sell weird products online with Dynasty 2.0 software #ad

Some of these these products are odd. Some are weird. Some are downright wacky, but Dynasty 2.0 builds your online store to sell them. These offbeat products are big business. At least, that’s what Venkata Ramana found. He gets good sales of these niche products continually. He says that now you can clone his online stores and start selling them yourself. Fortunately, this doesn’t require you to mess around with the post office or shipping labels to ship any kind of item. All you do is clone Ramana’s DFY online store and activate the built-in traffic. That’s it. The rest... [...]

Elevate: Grow your online business with new software #ad

Elevate was just launched by Venkata Ramana as we reported yesterday. Here’s an overview of how it can help you with your online goals. It is designed so that even a beginner can use it effectively because: • Don’t have traffic? Not needed. • Don’t have tech skills? Not needed. • Don’t have an email list? Not needed. This new software helps you build an online business, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you know. Ramana reports that using the software provides regular, repeatable income for him and his team. Elevate is, Ramana says, the world’s... [...]

Slingshot: fast, effective online marketing #ad

Venkata Ramana calls Slingshot “The Ultimate free traffic Machine.” Well, maybe he is a little biased; he is its creator, after all. Biassed or not, he is onto something. This is a new, simple traffic system designed with beginners in mind. This software and system enable anyone to instantly access over 122 million active users of some of the biggest and most popular websites in the world. And then, because of the breadth of appeal of these sites, drive lots of free targeted traffic interested in any niche. You pay nothing for this traffic. Ramana makes an astounding claim: Slingshot... [...]

Snappy: So easy anyone can use it to build a business online #ad

Venkata Ramana just released his new SaaS product, Snappy. It runs in the cloud so it doesn’t take up space on your hard drive. This is just the latest in a long series of marketing tools Ramana has released. His tools are clever and inexpensive. Ramana reports: We’re getting paid $10 or MORE dozens of times every time we use this little-known, 30-second copy and paste hack. And although $10 isn’t much, it only takes a mere 30 seconds of effort to earn it. So… if we put in 5 minutes of work, we get paid $100’s of dollars. Do you have an extra 30 seconds? Then you’re... [...]

Wave builds “Commission Ready” online stores in seconds #ad

Online shopping (sometimes called “e-commerce”) is an $800 Billion market. You may think it is unlikely, but you can participate in selling online and do quite well. With the proper software, you can even do this mostly on auto-pilot. That’s the promise of Venkata Ramana, the creator of Wave. When you start e-commerce, it pays to become a leader in your niche. You want your store to be the one people think of when they are looking for products they need. What is Wave? The fastest and easiest way to become their go-to person is to build a high-quality online store. This makes... [...]

Magnum Automated Store builder with free buyer traffic #ad

E-commerce is booming. You are missing opportunities if you don’t join in. Magnum makes it easy. Here are the highlights: ✓ Build dynamic stores in a couple cf clicks ✓ Sell either digital products, physical products, or both ✓ Get traffic from 99 sources in seconds ✓ Ready-to-go stores in the hottest niches are included ✓ Step-by-Step tutorials included Magnum is the product of the fertile mind of Venkata Ramana, who has been selling online for years and who is the author of many popular marketing tools. (Recent examples include: Breeze Funnels, Wizzard,... [...]

Breeze Funnels: DIY Marketing funnels for small businesses #ad

Serial product developer Venkata Ramana has just released his latest software, Breeze Funnels. It creates a brand new, unique type of sales funnel that he has worked with an underground group of marketers to beta test. It’s now ready for all online marketers to put it to use. He calls this new type of funnel a “magic-funnel”. They are “magic” because they are so much easier (and quicker) to build and use than ordinary funnels. They have a complete marketing system included, including traffic generation and hosting. With Breeze Funnels, you can deploy your new funnel... [...]

WIZZARD: Simple affiliate system using Google traffic #ad

New software for affiliate marketers, called Wizzard, just launched, and is available at a discounted launch price now. It was developed by leading internet marketers, Venkata Ramana and Mark Bishop. They designed this all-in-one affiliate tool so that even beginners can use it with no history in marketing, no knowledge of marketing, and no technical expertise. It’s so easy, they say, that you can create a successful affiliate campaign in just 5 minutes. It finds existing videos that are legally licensed for public use, and then builds a campaign around them. (Not needing to create a video... [...]

Fliik’s comparison videos sell products without ‘selling’ #ad

FLIIK (sometimes, they spell it in all lower-case [fliik]) is a cloud-based ‘self-contained’ income system which automates a proven formula enabling anyone to generate income from other people’s products through comparison of options. Users can expect to generate real results within the first 7 days of use (on average) with the potential of ongoing results when users continue to use the software. One of the things about affiliate marketing that some affiliates dislike is “pushing” for a sale. We don’t like it, ourselves; our ads are intended to be hype-free,... [...]