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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Create highly engaging “media rich” blog posts on the fly #ad

With the new Origin Builder WordPress plugin, creating a beautiful blog post, even with rich media, is as simple as dragging and dropping content you want to include onto your page, then adding text and publishing. Origin Builder is a new blog post builder that was just released by Precious Ngwu He has created a video to show you how easy it is. Watch it here: Origin Builder Video You will get a lot more engagement from your audience if you include visual content besides your text. The eye-catching visual media will attract your audience to your websites and with this new tool, you can create these... [...]

Origin Builder: The website builder for technophobes #ad

Today is the day when Origin Builder is launched. This is the most up-to-date automated web page builder. There’s a brand new video on the sales page that shows you the power of Origin Builder. Here are some of the highlights of the video 0:48 – witness the drag n’ drop editor with “NO SECOND DELAY” Technology 1:15 -Watch as page construction starts 1:52 – See the live front end editor 4:18 – feel the responsiveness as you make additions or changes 4:48 – Demonstration that it works on any theme 5:17 – all the extra features (the icing on... [...]

Build your own websites with free tools #ad

For a few more days, Precious Ngwu is offering a “lite” version of his upcoming product, Origin Builder. It comes with 5 professional high-performance themes with over 26 niche variations with populated contents ready for you to just edit and publish immediately. You can see how easy it is to create your own professional website, and it’s all “on the house.” In a day of practice (or less), you can see how powerful and how easy this new tool is. Then, if you want more of the power, when Ngwu releases the full-function Origin Builder, you may choose to upgrade. Get... [...]

Precious Ngwu gives away Lite version of his new product #ad

If you need web pages but can’t stand the high costs of hiring programmers and technicians to build them for you, there’s a free tool, suitable for beginners, available for you to build your own, Origin Builder Lite. Using this free software bundle, Ngwu reports that you can build a web page in a few minutes or less. This is the Lite version of a new high performance site builder tool for websites and interactive landing pages that Ngwu is launching next week. Ngwu hopes that when you see how good the Lite version is, you will want to get all the power of the full version when it launches... [...]

High performance customer driven funnels mean more sales #ad

As you have read, the new MintsApp 2.0 was released yesterday. This software is designed to keep visitors to your site engaged by offering them quizzes, polls and questions to participate in. That interaction tends to hold people’s attention. This attention keeps them engaged on your site, but it also does more. You can tailor the product offers you make based on the answers the visitor gives. Don’t waste their time (or your limited opportunity) by showing them a product they are unlikely to be interested in. Precious Ngwu says that this new method will triple your physical product... [...]

A better way to interact with your customers (coming today) #ad

MintsApp 2.0 customer engagement software launches @ 11am EDT. We mentioned a week ago that Precious Ngwu was releasing the second version of his popular MintsApp software. This 2.0 version builds on the power of the original, but adds additional functionality that makes it even more powerful. The new technology pioneered by MintsApp 2.0 is known as “customer-driven funnels”, and it makes you sales funnels more powerful that ever before., The new version is cloud-based so you won’t need to download any software; just login and get to work. You will want to hurry and lock in your... [...]

A system that produces results faster than you can push a button #ad

Would you like to get a $17k per day affiliate marketing strategy that uses a secret hack that is innovative, and likely to be something you haven’t seen before? Today, at 2 PM EDT, Precious Ngwu is releasing free training that he promises will knock your socks off:New affiliate marketing strategy This is training that is leading up to his launch of MintsApp 2.0 next week. A year ago, Ngwu released the original version of this application to great acclaim. Now, he has done a major revision that, in comparison, obsoletes the original. This new video training available today will show: •... [...]

ReClick software re-engages visitors for better sales results #ad

ReClick effects is breakthrough technology (hosted for you as SaaS) that helps you catch a visitor’s attention with animated effects. They may be tempted to leave your site without taking action, but ReClick arrests their attention and gets them to take a second look. This new system includes over 40 eye-catching effects and animations to add to your site. All you have to do is select the effect that you want from the menu while creating your optin and save settings. Here’s what ReClick will do for your business: • Works seamlessly across all devices, including smart phones and... [...]

Get 3 Powerful Marketing Apps for The Price of 1 #ad

For successful marketing in the crowded Internet, your sites need to look fresh, with an up-to-date style, appropriate for 2016. Your visitors need to understand that you are a savvy marketer and pay more attention to what you say. Precious Ngwu is offering a bundle of WordPress plugins to help you get your online results into high gear. Ngwu calls this package The Fresh Bundle and he is offering at a cut-rate price that will impress you. In this bundle, you are getting powerful marketing WordPress plugins, the kind that professional marketers are now integrating into their sites to get more attention,... [...]

Mints App: Let people vote and welcome their purchase #ad

Precious Ngwu has just discovered a new piece of marketing 
technology called “Customer-Driven Funnels” 

and he has been testing it out for the past 2 months, 
with surprisingly good results. People like to express their opinions. Whether about movies, politicians, gadgets or food, they want to be heard. Online marketers can help them make their voices heard with polls that offer a chance to choose between two options (Nike vs. Adidas, for example) or choose one from among many. Based on the choice they make, you can offer them a product to purchase, a chance to get involved in... [...]