Patric Chan, a long-time internet marketer lives in Penang state in Malaysia. His country was hit with major flooding.

Patric and his family are safe, but majny of his neighbors are not. Here is how he describes the situation:

We have a shelter above our head, we have electricity, we are driving our cars… our lives are as normal as it is.

But at the same time, there are many others who are not as fortunate as us because of a recent flood…

They have lost so much.

Some are now having shelters in schools, mosques, temples, churches, public halls and so on.

The number of flood victims evacuated to relief centres in Penang has increased to 7,294 people as of now, from 1,774 families. And there are 7 death cases reported so far. Some drown to death.

His concern has caused him to invite his IM colleagues to help in his efforts to aid the flood victims. As a public service, we are sharing his idea with you. We are nnt affiliates.

Patric has created many software and training products for marketers in the last 15 years or so in marketing. He is offering to give to anyone who makes a contribution to the Penang relief fund he has set up, 12 of his products that he values at about $400.

Contribute $25 to the fund and he reciprocates by giving you these 12 products, including software, Kindle books, training and PLR.

We contributed. We don’t know Patric personally, but we have been following his progress for over 10 years and felt confident enough to contribute.

If you would like to contribute, you can learn more about the crisis and see the gifts is offers to contributors here: You Can Help Penang.

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