Dr. Amit Pareek (a familiar name to our readers) was able to increase the ROI on his promotional emails by changing the autoresponder he uses.

Dr. Pareek is making approximately $300,000 per year from email marketing and has been using email marketing for many years.

After having account trouble at two well-known commercial autoresponder companies, he decided to create a brand new autoresponder so he would no longer have to depend on a third party where things could go wrong.

He and his team of software developers defined their best set of requirements for a good autoresponder for small businesses and individual marketers.

The result is MailZingo, a system that gives accurate and trackable results every time you send an email.

After using MailZingo for over a year, he found he was getting a 30% increase in email opens and click throughs on the links in the emails. Overall, he saw a 30% increase in ROI.

Now he is making this user-friendly email system, which he considers the World’s most powerful email marketing client management system available to for a one-time fee, but only for limited time.

When you use MailZingo, here’s what you can expect:
1. Import your current mailing lists from other autoresponders without losing any of your names
2. No Monthly Fees
3. Send Unlimited Mail (both Text & Templates) directly to your customers’ inboxes with better delivery, better opens, more clicks on links in your emails
4. Full control over the operation of your autoresponder
5. Integrate your emails with Leadforms to generate leads for special products or services

And all the technical stuff is completely Done-For-You, All you have to do is integrate your autoresponder with your email service (usually email service is built into your website system). The result is your own self-hosted autoresponder.

Dr. Pareek is making this new software available to a limited number of people during his one-week launch, beginning at 9:00 EDT today.

Instead of paying $25-$100 each month to a commercial autoresponder company, now you can have your own autoresponder, that you control, for a small one-time fee.

By the way, for the first 3 hours, he is offering a special 30% earlybird discount.

Check out this money-saving system here: MailZingo.

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