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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Kevin Harrington shows how to build a successful business #ad

If you missed October, 2018’s opportunity to discover Shark Kevin Harrington‘s approach to building a business, there’s a replay available of his six training videos from last year. You can find out the secrets of his successful marketing and selling, all in one convenient spot, for a few more weeks. Harrington points out that being good at “selling” doesn’t have to be reserved for “born salesmen”. And you don’t have to turn into the stereotypical high pressure sales person, hawking questionable products. What you need is an easy to follow, step-by-step blueprint,... [...]

The Perfect Pitch: Selling online like a shark #ad

Making a good living online really isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t always obvious either. A little training can make all the difference. Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington wants to help. The simplest and easiest way to get started, without a doubt, is to sell other people’s products as an affiliate. As an affiliate, you find customers for someone’s product, introduce them to the product, and let the product owner make the sale. Of course, a lot of people are working to become profitable affiliates, so affiliate marketing is extremely crowded. As a result, you need to find... [...]

Today “The Perfect Pitch” launches #ad

Kevin Harrington, has just released his new training The Perfect Pitch and right now you can grab it at a whopping 85% discount. For the last week, Harrington has shared remarkable free related content. Don’t worry if you missed it though, when you grab The Perfect Pitch today you will also get instant access to all of this additional training. During this launch you’ll also receive these 5 dynamic fast action bonuses, at no additional charge. ► Kevin’s “The Best Pitches I’ve Ever Heard” ► Quick Start Guide – 10 Steps To The Perfect Pitch ► The Magical Transformation Close ►... [...]

How Kevin Harrington is Helping People Succeed on the Internet #ad

You are running out of time to get original Shark Kevin Harrington‘s strategy to generate daily dommissions online. If you have been reading our announcements for the last few days, you know that Harrington has been sharing case studies on how he has developed his persuasion skills to the point where he can make The Perfect Pitch. I hope you’ve enjoyed Kevin’s training thus far. If you haven’t already seen these free training videos, we need to warn you that time is running out. He is removing them tomorrow. So, register now to get instant access to all 6 case studies free,... [...]

Kevin Harrington was chased by a Saudi sheikh with a checkbook #ad

Kevin Harrington is continuing his free training for the rest of this week and this weekend. Today, he is sharing the techniques he used in Saudi Arabia a while back to persuade a wealthy sheikh to do a multi-million dollar deal. As you will recall, Harrington is one of the original sharks from Shark tank. Before his Shark Tank days, he traveled to Saudi Arabia for a business meeting with one of the sheikhs. The sheikh was expecting Harrington to propose a business deal, but he went into the meeting with a big dose of skepticism. He had only granted Kevin a 30 minute audience and was expecting... [...]

Can an Internet Marketer Swim with the Sharks?

The answer is “Yes”. Internet marketers can, in fact, swim with the sharks. If you saw the “Donald Trump Video” yesterday, you’ll know that Kevin Harrington (one of the original sharks on Shark Tank) has decided to share some of his best content with the internet marketing community (and he is doing it at no charge, too.) By the way, if you missed the video explaining how Harrington made a $25 Million sale to Trump, you can still access it here: The Perfect Pitch. We have a well-known internet marketer to thank for persuading Harrington to share this with us. You might know of... [...]

Shark Kevin Harrington Helps Online Marketers #ad

You probably have heard of Kevin Harrington. He is one of the original sharks of the Shark Tank TV program. We still see him occasionally on reruns. Before that, he made his fortune as the creator of the As seen on TV brand. Harrington’s experience has made him a master of the Perfect Pitch. He has sold products and services in all kinds of situations. Once he even sold a big dollar product to Donald Trump. Today, he is sharing with us a case study of how he did that presentation to Trump and just 4 minutes later walk away with a deal worth $25 million. Watching him analyze his pitch to Trump... [...]