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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Category Name: Backlinking

What’s slick and rigorous and finally read all over? #ad

Simon Crabb has been researching what it takes to get information indexed by Google. That’s important because if Google doesn’t index it, the number of readers drops dramatically.As a systematic experiment, he chose a phrase (“slick and rigorous”) that had not been targeted on any site previously, and went to work trying to target it. He tried many techniques to get his webpage indexed, most of which failed. He documents his process and how he succeeded in his Slick and Rigorous Case Study.He found that conventional wisdom is mistaken about what it takes. And he found... (Read More ...)

WP Link Booster: Fewer backlinks, working harder #ad

Google is more discriminating when they look at backlinks now. Having a lot of backlinks from junky, spammy sites doesn’t convey as much authority as just a few high-quality sites. With superior backlinks, your place in the rankings naturally rises.Nick and Monica Cooper have announced WP Link Booster, to help you get the backlinks that will really count toward your rankings.This new WordPrress plugin raises the prestige of all your backlinks, by:• Pinging your backlinks until they are indexed• Creating RSS feeds of your backlinks and submitting them to top RSS feed aggregators•... (Read More ...)

Going Live at Noon EDT: Ant Metamorphosis #ad

Oz is releasing his newest SEO creation today, Ant Metamorphosis. It’s the latest in his series of Ant products.Oz reports that with minimal content on his site, using the Ant Metamorphosis techniques, he was able to rank his site on Google’s Page 1 with only 2 backlinks.The good news is that his techniques are so simple that he says anyone can learn to do them in 37 minutes. It’s not a giant complicated process.With the changes in Google algorithms, for many important keywords your domain name isn’t as important as it once was, but your content is more important than... (Read More ...)

How to build backlinks after Google Hummingbird #ad

The Google landscape is changing rapidly. Google is constantly trying to improve their search results. As a result, to be successful getting organic traffic, you need to to keep on top of the changes.Google has made two algorithm changes one after the other in the last few weeks. First, the Hummingbird update, and then the Penguin 2.1 update. People are scrambling to adjust their businesses so they avoid ruin.To learn a simple and effective way to stay on top of the recent Hummingbird & Penguin 2.1 updates, check out this free short 5 min video that Oz has just released:Ant Metamorphosis... (Read More ...)

Link Robot Express: Automated SEO using social bookmarking, Web 2.0 and more #ad

Backlinks are still important ingredients for an SEO strategy, but they need to have diversity. Not all from forums; not all from blog comments; etc. To impress the search engines, it’s important for your links to come from a range of sites around the web.Stephen Hawkins has created Link Robot Express to manage your backlinking campaigns.It will create Your web 2.0 accounts, Article Directory accounts, and social media accounts (more than 45 in all) automatically. And you can add in other sites, too.Then as you have new content that needs backlinking, it will send posts to those accounts... (Read More ...)

Untapped Authority Backlinks can improve your SEO #ad

Google has made it quite clear that the quality of your links matters a whole lot more than the quantity. WArrior Faraaz has just released Untapped Authority Backlinks to help you find and benefit from authority sites that are willing to favor you with links. And he is specifically looking for authority sites that people aren’t yet overrunning looking for backlinks.For example, few people get links from sites specializing in infographics. But many of these sites have (and can bring to your site) significant authority. Faraaz shows you how to find these sites, how to build infographics (using... (Read More ...)

Comment Commander Pro: Backlinks that make a difference #ad

A lot of backlinking strategies no longer have any SEO value and may even damage your SEO. But backlinks from authority sites are a different story. Authority blog commenting works for improving your ranking because the search engines know all of the comments and back links on these authority sites are individually moderated by the blog owner.Based on this insight, David Henry created Comment Commander Pro software to find you the authority blogs in your niche that accept comments and supply “do follow” links for their comment authors. These comments will become a key part of your... (Read More ...)

Comment Commander Pro: Get high PR Relevant “Do Follow” backlinks #ad

David Henry has tackled the problem of getting higher search engine rankings in 2013, after the many revisions of ranking algorithms Google has made.He has just released software to improve your rankings called Comment Commander ProHenry is convinced that through the proper backlinks you can still improve your site’s rank. Your goal would be to increase your site’s perceived authority and relevance through backlinks. To do that, you need to engage with the major influcencers in your niche to demonstrate your authority.If you an find the major influencers in your niche, and get backlinks... (Read More ...)