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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Curation Cloud: Fresh content for your sites and social accounts #ad

New software has just launched, called Curation Cloud.This new software, by Paul O’Keefe, allows you to build multiple blogs with curated content and do it all on complete auto-pilot. This software searches for useful content for you and updates yor menu of available content every 5 minutes.With Curation Cloud. you can:• Build your blogs on auto-pilot using the included scheduling and calendar.• Find thousands of different articles, images and videos to use on your blogs, the list being updated every 5 minutes.• Build social backlinks also on auto-pilot. As you publish... [...]

DFY Suite: Free Targeted Buyer Traffic in 48 Hours #ad

Joshua Zamora, prolific marketing tool developer is releasing his latest tool at 11 AM EDT. It’s called DFY Suite. Of course DFY refers to “Done for You”.What is Zamora offering to do for you? Just this: Page 1 Rankings – 100% done for you.Getting to page 1 in the search engine results pages is a big deal. It’s the most important way to get free traffic to your site.Consequently, ranking your video or your website on the first page of Google is something you should consider as a high-priority marketing tool. However, it can be time-consuming, and most of us don’t... [...]

Social Link Machine gets your site noticed #ad

We just heard about a new launch (we are late due to our severe illness) for Social Link Machine 2.0.This software builds social links to your sites on autopilot. In fact, what it can do for you is amazing:• It’s Completely Automated: It grabs your content and instantly syndicates it on the 16 most popular authority platforms.• It Builds Social Signals: totally hands-free.• It provides Faster Indexing: integrates into three 3rd party indexing services.• It does everything with a Natural Pattern• It does its posts in Random Order• It creates 2nd Tier Links (links to your... [...]