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Saturday, December 2, 2023

DFY Suite 5.0: Done-for-You Page 1 Rankings #ad

DFY Suite 5.0 was just released. As the name implies, this is the fifth generation of this automated ranking tool. It allows you to get free, targeted buyer-traffic in 48 hours or less by leveraging the power of high-quality social syndication with this new, done-for-you system. Jonathan Zamora, the creator, says that it can help you get Page 1 rankings via social syndication for any location and/or any language with: ❌ NO Software To Install ❌ No previous SEO knowledge or experience ❌ No Software Training To Learn ❌ No Content Needed Besides their URL ❌ No Social Account Creation Needed ❌... [...]

Zairp: sophisticated unique-content writer; just supply a topic #ad

Zairp is an A.I. web-app that will write, optimize, post, and even rank content for all your sites (and for your client sites) for any keyword and many languages. A while back, we bought a set of 5 or 6 Brazilian domain names. We thought they would let us address a part of the eCommerce world where there might not be as fierce competition as in the USA. However, we have never developed them. Being busy is part of the reason, but a major issue was the cost of translating our content into Portuguese, the national language of Brazil, so the average person in Brazil could read the content. That makes... [...]

CoreSEO: Powerful SEO optimization tool for on-page, off-page SEO #ad

The Marketing Jeet group, headed by Cyril Gupta is releasing CoreSEO today. This new application lets you: ► Improve your website rankings for your important keywords ► Avoid Google’s penalties for black-hat SEO (this new tool is all white-hat) ► Find out which backlinks are good for your site and which are bad ► Find out what you need to change on your pages to improve the rankings ► Create SEO optimization reports which you can use for yourself or sell to customers ► Create a Google-compatible site map Here’s the back story leading up to this launch: 1. Google search sends... [...]

RankFlux: SEO Plugin Gets Google Page 1 Rankings (and Free Traffic) #ad

New software, known as RankFlux, makes a bold promise: Get unlimited Google Page #1 Rankings 99.9% of Time regardless of any Google Update. The development team, headed by Seun Ogundele, feels bold enough to make this promise (which they back by a 30-day money back guarantee) because they embedded a lot of expertise in this new software. These SEO experts designed it for people who know nothing about SEO. Rest assured, you need no technical knowledge to get top results with RankFlux. Here are just some of the benefits of using RankFlux for your site: ► It searches for keywords that fit naturally... [...]

Site Ranker Pro: New WP Plugin Improves Local Business Rankings #ad

If you assist local marketers in their online marketing, this new software may be something you should include on the WordPress websites you build or maintain for them. Site Ranker Pro is being released at 10 am EST. Its job is to rank local businesses for hundreds of highly targeted longtail keywords with just minutes of work. These long-tail keywords can create real “foot traffic” for local businesses. You may be able to charge $1,000/month and up for this service, according to the software developer. The developers of Site Ranker Pro have been using it for years, and they report... [...]

SEO Commander: PC software to dramatically boost ranking #ad

Cliff Carrigan has partnered with SEO Ninja Jane Williams to produce software that will tweak your SEO to boost your page rankings: SEO Commander As one happy user says: I tested it for weeks and got some amazing keywords out of it for my websites. I run a bunch of eCommerce sites for eBay and Amazon so this tool couldn’t of come at a better time for me, i love it and my traffic has increased since using it. John USA With SEO Commander, you can investigate other websites in your niche, find out what keywords they are using to pull in their traffic, and then use those same keywords in your... [...]

SEO Commander: You don’t have to be an expert to do good SEO #ad

Wouldn’t it be nice to know (even before your invest a lot of time and money in building a website) what you need to do to make sure that site ranks high? Wouldn’t it also be nice to know what you need to do to surge ahead of your leading competitor in the Google rankings? SEO Commander (new software from Cliff Carrigan) will help find real data on ranking and then drill down into this data so that you can make informed decisions based on what works, not on hunches or speculations. Indeed, Carrigan describes this new software as “The SEO Swiss Army Knife”. SEO Commander... [...]

SocialRobot “Ranks Your Videos on Page 1 of Google in 48 Hours” #ad

Without any technical expertise at all, you can use Joshua Zamora‘s SocialRobot to bookmark your videos on 500 or more sites. This extreme collection of backlinks can bump your video much higher in the search engine results, which can lead to many more clicks, which can lead to higher earnings. Zamora is running a very short-term sale on SocialRobot. And to sweeten the deal, he is including these bonuses: • A list of high page-rank bookmarking sites you can use • His Zamarai Video Blueprint for good videos • His respected Gold digging Video • A live Q and A training session... [...]

SEO Dragon breathes fire into your marketing #ad

Borrowing from the old saying, If Google ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. That is, if Google doesn’t like your site, you aren’t going to like your results. That’s a sad fact of online marketing life these days. No matter how much work you put into your site, without Google sending you traffic, your results may leave a lot to be desired. Luther Landro experienced this rejection by Google first hand, after a long period of Google. He analyzed his site to determine what could be the problem. He found it. It didn’t look major on the surface, but when he fixed it,... [...]

Social Robot builds social backlinks to your site #ad

Joshua Zamora has just released his new software, SocialRobot. This new tool, under your guidance, automates setting up accounts on social media sites with one click.Then you use it to automatically create high-quality social bookmarks to any URL of your choosing, using your accounts. Since it supports over 500 social media sites, this can be a major part of your SEO campaigns. It is easy to use; it works quickly; and once you set it up, it requires very little time from you. Here are some of the specifics: ■ You select the social sites you want to use in just a few clicks ■ You can have multiple... [...]