Joshua Zamora has just released his new software, SocialRobot.

This new tool, under your guidance, automates setting up accounts on social media sites with one click.Then you use it to automatically create high-quality social bookmarks to any URL of your choosing, using your accounts.

Since it supports over 500 social media sites, this can be a major part of your SEO campaigns.

It is easy to use; it works quickly; and once you set it up, it requires very little time from you.

Here are some of the specifics:
■ You select the social sites you want to use in just a few clicks
■ You can have multiple projects (one for each of your sites, each with unique social site accounts
■ You can easily “drip feed” your campaigns for natural Link Building, not link bombing
■ Once your project is configured, click the “One-Click Posting” button and watch what happens. The whole process of account creation, email verification, posting and link verification happens on autopilot.
■ Captcha solving (manually, or in some cases, automatically) is included.
■ If you use proxies, they are also supported.

There’s a lot more to like about SocialRobot. One of the most important is that for a limited time, no monthly subscription fee is required. A one-time payment gives you lifetime access.

Zamora does a demo of the tool at work, and it’s worth watching to see the power available.

He has 3 versions available. The best value is the Pro version, which has the most social sites built in and allows unlimited campaigns.

Zamora is raising the price at least once per day, it appears, until it reaches its final introductory price. Get it quickly, hereb>: SocialRobot.

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