One way to get backlinks to your site is to post guest articles on other people’s blogs. Many bloggers, needing to fill the space on their sites to keep their regular readers interested, welcome content produced by other people. If you spend little time seeking these blogs (focusing on blogs in your niche), you can often get invitations to do a guest post. For example, IM NewsWatch, itself, is open to guest posts of high quality.

If you search for “guest post opportunities”, you will find a number of helpful resources. We noticed a good one on the Mangools site. Greg d’Aboville wrote a helpful introduction to the subject, entitled “How to find guest post opportunities: The ultimate cheatsheet”.

In his article, he comments that 2 out of 3 bloggers do guest posts. That level of interest indicates that guest posting is a tool that works.

d’Aboville also defines some of the criteria you should use in deciding whether a site actually would be a good home for your guest post. Clearly, the site needs to have a connection to your own site, based on its subject matter, but there are several other things to look out for, too. How well respected is the site where you might post, for example?

He also gives a proposed process for finding and pursuing opportunities for posting. Other sites in your niche can give you clues, for example. Where to they do their own guest posts?

d’Aboville’s article isn’t a long one. You can read it in 15-20 minutes, but it has a number of useful guides if you want to do guest posts. Check it out here:

How to find guest post opportunities: The ultimate cheatsheet


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