A new SEO tool will launch tomorrow. It’s the latest tool to be created by Daniel Tan.

He calls it RankReveal

With the “Reverse Rank Tracking Technology” found in this new tool, you will be able to uncover a multitude of keywords your site ranks for with just a few clicks. You’re sure to find some that you would never have thought of on your own.

Tan has created a short video to show you how this unique invention can help you save money and time and uncover more profits as you do.

Check out the video now: RankReveal Video
Here’s a taste of what this new tool can do for you.

 Auto-discovery: No longer do you have to manually create lists of keywords that you should be tracking periodically. RankReveal handles it.
 Up-to-date information: Every day it pulls fresh data showing what keywords your site ranks for.
 Multiple location tracking: It gathers the keyword data from all around the world.

Your data will never be outdated; every morning it is refreshed.

Be ready for tomorrow’s launch. Check out Daniel Tan’s “Reverse Rank Tracking” here: RankReveal

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