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Monday, June 1, 2020

Social Link Machine gets your site noticed #ad

We just heard about a new launch (we are late due to our severe illness) for Social Link Machine 2.0.This software builds social links to your sites on autopilot. In fact, what it can do for you is amazing:• It’s Completely Automated: It grabs your content and instantly syndicates it on the 16 most popular authority platforms.• It Builds Social Signals: totally hands-free.• It provides Faster Indexing: integrates into three 3rd party indexing services.• It does everything with a Natural Pattern• It does its posts in Random Order• It creates 2nd Tier Links (links to your... [...]

Social Link Machine builds powerful social links to your site #ad

Andy Black releases Social Link Machine at 10:00 AM EDT. This new software automates Black’s method of using social media to build links for his website.He describes this new WordPress plugin as, a “push-button and completely automated way to automate your whole backlinking process through creating social signals.”Black has created a Social Link Machine demo video so you can see this software in action.The site that has the best SEO generally rises to the top of Google’s Ranking, and that has a big impact on their profits. So your site can use all the help it can get.Social... [...]