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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

How SEOPressor discovered their ranking keywords #ad

The SEOPressor team (Daniel Tan and his assistants) did a case study and discovered that they were ranking for the term “LSI Keywords”. When they first ran the RankReveal report for their site, they were surprised that this keyword showed up among the top 100 keywords their site ranked for. With this new insight, they decided to build a keyword course on the topic of “LSI Keywords”. They built some internal links in their site and then published a press release for the course. As a result of their campaign, they are consistently ranking in the top 5 of Google for “LSI... [...]

RankReveal tracked 300,000+ keywords within 24 hours of launch #ad

Daniel Tan, the creator of SEOPressor, just launched the world’s first ‘reverse rank tracking’ tool. Tan says that his new RankReveal tracked over 300,000 keywords for his customers within the first 24 hours of its launch. Tan has created a video to exlain what reverse rank tracking is and how this new tools does it. You can see the demo here. RankReveal Demo Video It’s important to understand what keywords your sites are actually ranking for.That’s what RankReveal does for you. That’s unusual; most tools tell you how you rank for keywords you already know and inquire about. This tool... [...]

Tomorrow: World’s First Ever Reverse Rank Tracking Technology #ad

A new SEO tool will launch tomorrow. It’s the latest tool to be created by Daniel Tan. He calls it RankReveal With the “Reverse Rank Tracking Technology” found in this new tool, you will be able to uncover a multitude of keywords your site ranks for with just a few clicks. You’re sure to find some that you would never have thought of on your own. Tan has created a short video to show you how this unique invention can help you save money and time and uncover more profits as you do. Check out the video now: RankReveal Video Here’s a taste of what this new tool can do for you.  Auto-discovery:... [...]

‘New Era of Facebook Marketing’ Daniel Tan’s Webinar on Replay

Daniel Tan’s “New Era of Facebook Marketing” webinar is on replay. [Webinar] […]  [...]

Daniel Tan Releases ‘SEOPressor WordPress Plugin’

Daniel Tan has released the ‘SEOPressor WordPress Plugin’. According to Tan, this plugin enables webmasters to increase Search Engine Rankings of their sites. [SEOPressor WordPress Plugin] […]  [...]

Daniel Tan Launches ‘Facebook 2011 Maxed HTML5 Template System’

Daniel Tan has launched the ‘Facebook 2011 Maxed HTML5 Template System’. This system features three (3) HTML5 iframe customizable Facebook Page templates. [Facebook 2011 Maxed HTML5 Template System] […]  [...]

Daniel Tan Launches ‘Facebook 2011 Maxed’ Course and Template System

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Daniel Tan has launched ”Facebook 2011 Maxed’ course and template system. According to Tan, ‘Facebook 2011 Maxed’ is a course about ‘Facebook iFrame’ and a set of customizable Facebook Page templates.[‘Facebook 2011 Maxed’ Course and Template System] […]  [...]

Daniel Tan Launches ‘SEO Business Box’ Course

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Daniel Tan has launched ‘SEO Business Box’ course. According to Daniel, ‘SEO Business Box’ course how to make money with SEO business and its process.[‘SEO Business Box’ Course] […]  [...]

Daniel Tan Launches ‘SEO Business Box’ Course

Daniel Tan has launched the ‘SEO Business Box’ course. According to Tan, this course teaches how to create and SEO business and make money through it.  [‘SEO Business Box’ Course] […]  [...]

Daniel Tan Launching ‘SEO Business Box’ System February 1

Daniel Tan is launching the ‘SEO Business Box’ system on Tuesday, February 1. [SEO Business Box] […]  [...]