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Monday, January 25, 2021

Archive for the 'Niche Marketing' Category

Get 20 PLR Greem Home Articles for you blog and ebooks #ad

If you are in the “green living” niche, the new articles in 20 PLR Greem Home Articles can give you a content boost. You get 10 articles on how to make your home earth-friendly, articles about solar heating and making your home energy-efficient, etc. Plus 10 more article on home recycling and re purposing. These articles run from 460 words to 522 words, a good size for a blog post or an article. Use them to advance your product marketing in many different ways. In fact, with your articles, you get the helpful ebook: How to use PLR content, outsourcing tips and multiple income stream... [...]

Be affiliate marketer for ClickBank Dog Training Essentials #ad

Eleanor Ruse’s latest ClickBank affiliate package is ready. In CB Dog Training Essentials V2, she has singled out ClickBank products in the evergreen dog training niche for you to promote. To help you set up profitable sites in this niche, Ruse’s package provides you: • A list of top ClickBank products in the dog training niche, chosen because:  1. Their commission payout is above $10  2. They have decent sales, but aren’t too competitive  3. They have a high-quality sales page that brings good conversions • High-quality product reviews for these products,... [...]

Help people get their “ex” back; get paid #ad

Love and marriage provide marketers with perpetual income. If anything deserves to be called an evergreen niche, this does. It’s as old as humanity. A profitable sub-niche is filled with jilted lovers who want to get back together with the ex-spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. And many of them are desperate for a solution. Kevin Byrnne saw this opportunity and created Get Your Ex Back Marketing Tools to help you take advantage of the potential of this sub-niche. This package from Byrnne contains all the ingredients of a web-based business selling products to help people trying to get back... [...]

“CB Golf Swing Sensation”: Ingredients for a golf niche web business #ad

Eleanor Ruse has become a well-known creator of niche site content, and she specializes in niche affiliate sites for Clickbank products. In CB Golf Swing Sensation, she gives you all you need for a golf niche site “on a silver platter.” As you probably know, consumers spend millions of dollars on golf equipment and instruction each year. But it’s a highly competitive niche. Your site needs to stand out from the crowd to be profitable. With Ruse’s professional ingredients for your site, you are well on the way to a stand-out site. 1. To start with, Ruse has researched Clickbank... [...]

20 Green & Creative Home Articles: fill your green blog with quality content #ad

Green topics are always popular. Now you can create a green blog with fresh content using 20 Green & Creative Home Articles. It includes articles on simple green energy home improvements, using solar power, how to reuse and recycle household items and living greener and cleaner. This content can be used for blog articles, of course, but it could also be made into an e-book or other product you sell. If you need other ideas about how to use these articles, you also get How to use PLR content, outsourcing tips and multiple income stream ideas, with many good ideas for you. This niche is growing,... [...]

Get That Dream Girl PLR: to help you enter the dating relationships niche #ad

Dating is a top online activity. Billions of page views for dating aid occur every. This market is huge and it’s evergreen. Now with this new Get That Dream Girl PLR, you can get some of the business. You are getting: • A 31 page e-book that gives advice to guys looking for their dream girl • A hypnosis audio track that help the guys get psyched up for this dating adventure. • A beautiful sales page, with a helpful update coming soon, that you can use to sell the book. • Banners (and PSD files for the) and related graphics you can use in your marketing. The sales page is ready to... [...]

How to find undiscovered niches ready for marketers #ad

There are many niches swarming with marketers; weight loss is the most visible example. Everywhere you turn there are ads for weightloss products. But there are also niches with very few marketers serving them, if only you could uncover those niches by research. Trevor D just released a package of two videos that show you How to find hidden nichesusing Amazon data. Other people have said “do it”; Trevor shows you how. The reason that most keywords and niches that most people find are so competitive is that everyone in IM is going to Google Adwords and working from the same keywords... [...]

Niche Silo: Your niche research done for you #ad

To be a successful niche marketer you must first identify the niches that are likely to be good money-makers for you and the keywords the buyers in those niches use when they are ready to buy. This isn’t a trivial task, but you’re in luck; Kevin Byrne has just released Niche Silo, that reports his research on profitable niches. Byrne’s new niche information includes: • Three thoroughly researched niches that can be broken into dozens of sub-niches that address with a website. • Keywords and domain names you can use build build 20 or more websites • 150 articles... [...]

Digital Photography Mastery- an ebook for you to sell on your photography site #ad

This e-book comes with a sales page you may use to sell the product. This professional sales page uses graphics, and persuasive copy to get sales for you. You could treat this as either a “business in a box”, dedicating your site to selling this book, or if you have a more general photography site, you could sell this in a sidebar ad or in a post. You can find the rest of the story about the e-book and the sales materials here: Digital Photography Mastery MRR  [...]

Ant Nut Cracker closes at midnight #ad

Another in the series of ANT programs. This one finds profitable niches that a savvy marketer can profit from. Ant Nut Cracker helps you do your market research when you want to enter a new niche or better market to your current niche. This is the foundation of successful marketing; get it wrong and you will head down the wrong road, practically making it impossible to succeed. Ant Nut Cracker finds sub-niches (lots of them) so you can have your choice where there is little to no competition, even though the main niche that it’s a part of may be full of competition. In Ant Nut Cracker, you... [...]