Matt Garrett began work on Niche Reaper in 2008, for his own business. Eight years later, after many refinements and improvements, he is releasing the third edition so the rest of us can take advantage of it.

Many people waste time and money jumping into niches that don’t have much profit potential. Niche Reaper 3.0 thoroughly researches niches to assure you which ones can actually pay back your investment of time and money with profits.

This powerful web-based software is building a massive database of keyword searches- over 20,000 new keywords daily- and ranks each keyword on how well it can support a business.

It looks at things like:
• How likely a new website will be able to rank on Google’s page 1
• How much earnings are likely for products based on the keyword
• How many Facebook pages feature the keyword
• What domain names are available targeting the keyword.

All these are combined into a ranking. When you enter a keyword, this extensive database is interrogated, and the response tells you with some precision whether you would be wise to build a site targeting that keyword.

There’s nothing to install. You just log in to the system and do your quick check. You save a lot of time in research, and even more important, you save a lot of time by not building websites doomed to fail.

Garrett has put his heart and soul into this for 8 years, and it’s his best work. If you want to take advantage, check it out here: Niche Reaper 3.0

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