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Monday, January 25, 2021

Archive for the 'Niche Marketing' Category

Ed Lewis’s “My SECRET Niche” is a WSO top seller for niche marketing #ad

Just launched this week and already over 1000 sold, Ed Lewis’s My SECRET Niche reveals a niche so profitable and so large that Lewis says it will never become saturated. Many of the buyers have made comments on the forum’s sales page and most of the time they say that they had no idea how profitable this niche is, and many of them had never thought of it at all. Since the identity of the niche is at the heart of what he is selling, he doesn’t reveal it on the sales page, but he does assure us that it doesn’t involve disreputable niches such as porn and doesn’t... [...]

Jeremy Burns’s Latest Marketer’s PLR Pack #ad

Burns has selected four niches that are evergreen and has produced outstanding PLR packages for each  Jeremy Burns’s Latest Marketer’s PLR Pack For each niche, you get: + A report that averages 10,000+ words to sell or give away + 25 Articles for the niche, between 400 and 700 words per article + A research report for you, that gives you sample headlines and sub-Headlines, bullet points and swipe copy for your salesletter or squeeze page. Plus competitive research The four niches in this package are: *Building a home swimming pool * Catching a cheating spouse or lover * Advertising... [...]

ePublishing Gold: Your solution to getting you book published on Kindle #ad

ePublishing Gold is a comprehensive package for a Kindle publisher: A course on the ins and outs of Kindle publishing, one that answers the questions you really have: How to correct formatting problems with my book How to avoid Amazon rejection of your book How to promote a book once Kindle has accepted it And many more, you you will have a professionally presented book to upload to Kindle that readers will find easy to read A WP Theme (called WP BookAuthor) designed for promoting your book, including a link to order it. And it lets you promote you other books, too. See the demo site for a... [...]

“Niche Opportunities Revealed” How to find a profitable niche #ad

Bill Guthrie and Jason Keith have teamed up to create this new guide to niche marketing. The funny thing about many marketers is that they concentrate on selling to other marketers, when that’s just one niche out of millions, and a crowded niche at that. Smart marketers (for example, Amazon) know the world is made up of many types of people with diverse interests. If you want the highest success, you want to uncover the particular interests of people not being served by other marketers. Amazon is big enough to serve many niches. You and I need to find one or two profitable niches and serve... [...]

Eat Yourself Thin PLR for your diet site #ad

You get PLR to this e-book that shows how to lose weight through your healthy eating habits. #ad Eat Yourself Thin PLR shows your customers how to: * – Burn fat at the very fastest possible rate * – Diminish cravings for sweets and high calorie foods * – Look and feel younger * – Have the energy to really live life and not just let it pass you by If you are in the fitness or weight loss niche, get the whole story here: Eat Yourself Thin PLR  [...]

A Marketer’s Dream: Niches with no Competition, High Search Volume, providing 24 Hour Results #ad

Alex Cass has just released Dream Niches and it reveals how to find the niches that meet these stringent criteria:No (or very low) competition and high search volume. Niches like that can be a goldmine. Cass says that the key to high rankings in Google is finding niches and sub-niches that you don’t have to fight for. If other marketers haven’t discovered them, your chances of ranking high are very good. According to Cass and his partner, Alex Becker, people are using the Google Keyword Tool the wrong way. Follow their advice and you’ll be much more successful in picking niches... [...]

Two new PLR products: for fitness niche and dating niche #ad

Two new e-books, “Ab Solid” and “Dating Disasters” are available at a “dime sale” price. Currently under $11, but rising. Ab Solid explains the “quick response technique” which is said to develop strong abdominal muscles in record time. Dating Disasters is a guide book for how to have a happy first date switch someone new. Both come with professional content and professional graphic e-covers. Plus, you get a professional squeeze page so you can build a list by giving away the e-book. With these e-books, you have the start of two profitable businesses,... [...]

The Hypno Man releases Hypnosis PLR for another embarrassing niche #ad

This time he releases PLR for the Erectile Dysfunction niche. The PLR includes: * A 57 page ebook * A hypnosis audio track * A minisite with complete graphics (including PSDs),HTML files, banners and more. Get this PLR for this remarkably profitable niche here.  [...]

Another “Niche Marketing Research Confidential” from Paul Mark #ad

From time to time, Mark releases another research package about a particular niche. This time his confidential niche is within the health and fitness arena, but the specific sub-niche is only revealed in the report. In his report he reveals: * The number of people actively searching for this niche information * The approximate bid price being paid by AdWords users * The potential competitors for niche traffic * Suggestions for reports and courses you could create to increase your income in the niche * Ideas for how to expand the niche with higher-end products and services that can increase your... [...]