Niche Domination Prodigy Training

Niche Domination Prodigy training puts you in the position of being able to find niches where you can become a major marketing force and then take advantage of your position in the niche to build a successful online business.

Specifically, in this course you will discover how to do advanced keyword research and niche selection by finding super high traffic keywords with low competition. This works best outside of the IM/MMO niche. Hey, there’s a big world out there. Don’t limit yourself to one relatively small niche.

Then you will discover how to get LinkedIn Pulse articles written for you for about 50 cents per article.

Third, you will discover how to get your articles indexed and ranked at the top of Google for your keywords so you can drive massive amounts of traffic to your offers.

Trevor Carr, one of the creators of this training, explains it in detail here (Ignore the $997 sign in the video. This week, your price is $12.95.):

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Along with this training, you are also getting these bonuses that will help you further monetize your niche marketing:

1. Tribe
Tribe shows how you can build a Facebook group in any niche and grow it to up to 14,000 members and market to that Facebook group to make sales.
Learn more here:

2. Passive Pro
Passive Pro shows you how you can create a passive income online on Clickbank
Learn more here:

3. Middle Man Money
Middle man money shows you how to act like a middle man on Fiverr. When you get an order for a high value gig you simply buy the gig from someone else on Fiverr for a much lower price and deliver that to your buyer. You pocket the difference in the process:
Learn more here:

4. Fergal Downes’s 7 Day Challenge:
(Fergal is another one of the creators of Niche Domination Prodigy.) Inside Fergal’s 7 day challenge he challenges you to make your first $297 sale inside your first 7 days by creating an online web design business. When you get an order for a website you can either outsource the creation of the website or make it yourself with wordpress templates.
Learn more here:

You get all of this additional training when you invest in Niche Domination Prodigy.

But time is short. this launch ends at the end of this week so don’t delay. Find your niche(s) with this new training now: Niche Domination Prodigy.

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