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Monday, January 25, 2021

Archive for the 'Niche Marketing' Category

GroceryClone: Your online grocery store with no hassles #ad

Recently, Amazon has started selling groceries again. Affiliates who build grocery store sites will face very little competition because this is so new. CoolIce has created another of his famous clone websites for affiliates to help you take advantage of this new opportunity. Every one of his clone sites has sold in the high hundreds of copies; some have sold in the thousands. People see the value in what he creates, and there is a “land rush” whenever a new one is released. GroceryClone goes live at 11 AM EDT. All his clones get 100% positive feedback. This is likely to be the same. As... [...]

FASTAzon Theme plus 3 niche affiliate sites #ad

Shane Paxton and Mike McKay have built an interesting software package. They have a new WordPress theme they call the FASTAzon Theme. They have built 3 Amazon affiliate sites using this theme: 1. Home Improvement and Power tools 2. Fitness Gear 3. Solar Power In this low-cost package, they are giving you these three sites, plus they are giving you an unlimited personal license for the underlying theme on as many other sites as you want. FASTAzon Theme is an impressive theme. This theme is specifically built for Amazon product reviews. It combines the best professional theme features with Amazon-specific... [...]

Half-A-Brain Profit Machine: How to build a real 6 figure online business #ad

Jeremy Kennedy just announced Half-A-Brain Profit Machine. He chose the name to emphasize that you don’t have to be super smart to build a business online this way. This video training outlines the process to create easy, “one problem one solution” information products that solve a person’s problem at a cost they are happy to pay. Here’s how Kennedy describes what he is doing, “I started creating digital profit machines and the money came rolling in. Since then I’ve been teaching people just like you how to follow my success (for over 5 years now) bringing... [...]

100% replicable easy system for multiple income streams #ad

Mark Bishop, British online marketer, spent years looking for a simple way to earn a living online. He determined that he wasn’t going to get some blockbuster site that would make him rich, but he could make a profitable site in a niche, and then do it again, and do it over and over, in multiple niches. By using this “rinse and repeat” process, he built up an income of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars. As you can tell, he has gotten this repeatable process down to a “science.” And in his new training, Instant Profit Silos, he shares his formula so you can do it, too. Each... [...]

The Tee Shirt Craze can be your ticket to online sales #ad

The market for Tee Shirts is huge. And there are many sub-niches within the general niche. Conquering a reasonable size sub-niche is all that it takes for a full-time income. Covert Shirt Store shows you how to create your own tee shirt store and even includes the software to build the store. There are three important aids that Covert Shirt Store takes advantage of to get your store up and running quickly: First is WordPress. Your store is based on a WordPress theme that takes advantage of the ease and speed inherent in building a WordPress site. Second is, a site that let’s... [...]

Is there such a thing as the perfect niche? #ad

What does it take for something to be properly called “the perfect niche?” It needs four things: 1. Lots of enthusiastic fans 2. These fans have plenty of money to spend on their passion 3. These fans are desperate for a solution to their problem 4. You can supply a solution at a profitable price even if you are not an expert Matthew Olson says he has found such a niche and he has documented his findings in The Perfect Niche exposed. There are millions in this niche, he says, and thousands more are joining daily. According to him, a small-time marketer could make this niche and possibly... [...]

Covert Shirt Store: Cash in on the tee-shirt craze #ad

Tee-shirts are big business. Virtually everyone from babies to elders wear them. Most people have several, and are looking for more if they can find one that pleases them. And with a lot of consumer spending shifting to online purchases, there’s no better time to start an online tee-shirt store. The IM Wealth Builders team (Cindy Battye, John Merrick and Soren Jordansen ) have created a software package that makes it “turn-key simple” for you to get started in this lucrative business. At 11 AM EDT today, they open the doors on Covert Shirt Store, a WordPress theme customized to... [...]

Start Your Own Online Sports Store with Reebok, Adidas, Nike and more #ad

People get excited when it comes to sports, whether they are participants or fans of one particular team. (“Fans” is short for “fanatics”, as the proverb says.) It could be quite a business having your own sports store that takes advantage of the marketing muscle of the biggest names in the sports industry, such as Reebok, Adidas, Nike, etc. After all, the sports industry is one of the world’s largest income generator and one of the fastest-growing. It’s fueled by growing (and already enormous) consumer interest. Consider these facts: • Every day big... [...]

“Simple Freedom Machines” How to build a steady, recurring income online #ad

Giovanni Puma has been investigating the techniques beginners can use to build a marketing business from scratch to achieve a dependable income of about $100 per day, without spending lots of money or lots of time to do it. If you have a tendency to get bogged down in the technical details (or for that matter, the marketing details) involved in building an online business, Puma’s Simple Freedom Machines aims to give you a clear path through the “maze” of conflicting ideas you are faced with. Unlike many trainers, who have big budgets and big staffs, Puma is an average guy, but... [...]

“The 300 Body” PLR for your fitness business #ad

Rick Warid is known for his niche products that help other marketers quickly establish a presence in lucrative niches, even if they know little about them. Warid’s new The 300 Body PLR Mega Pack tackles the body-building niche, a $22 Billion obsession of many people. In this new marketer’s quick start package, you get everything you need to get your sales site up and running: • A brand-new ebook written by an industry insider to show how to build the physique of a Spartan, in PDF, DOC and ODT formats • A minisite for the book with a high-converting sales page and download... [...]