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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Archive for the 'Niche Marketing' Category

Start your fitness business online #ad

Eleanor Ruse is a familiar name to readers of IM NewsWatch. She has created many aids to help online marketers, in various niches, to sell Amazon? and Clickbank products. Now she has just announced Affiliate PLR Fitness Craze, which helps you tackle this $20 Billion evergreen niche. In this package she is providing: • An in-depth list for exercise equipment keywords people are searching for • An in-depth list for workout routine keywords people are searching for • A list of Exact Match Domain names for both equipenmnt and routines • 15 exercise equipment reviews for you to include... [...]

Niche Evaluation Storm: find profitable niches, get free traffic #ad

You probably know of Peter Garety. He has been mentioned in IM NewsWatch many times. This weekend (through Monday, August 19) is is offering a special on his product Niche Evaluation Storm. In this training, Garety shows you how to evaluate a niche market and find real buyers to buy your niche products Garety says that marketers often focus on specific keywords they want to rank for too soon in their marketing process. Before getting down to the detail level, step back and look at the whole niche market. Understand they buyers and their motivations before drilling down to specific keywords. In... [...]

Niche Supremacy: How to build authority websites in any niche #ad

Google has a bias for authority websites. Sites that demonstrate expertise in a niche rank much higher in the search results than thin affiliate sites. Todd Gross, Radu Hahaianu and Shannon Murphy have created a training program called Niche Supremacy. It’s a 3 week training course on how to build and monetize authority niche websites. Perhaps you think you don’t have the skills to build long-lasting authority websites. That won’t be a problem with this new training. It will walk you through the process in a way that will remove all your concerns. With this process, you can launch... [...]

Weekend Special: 27 Niches and 10 strategies for IM Profits #ad

John Rhodes and Jay Boyer have released : Niche 10x. Just this weekend they are doing a “grand opening” sale on it for $9.90. After Monday, it will go to its normal price of $95. To succeed in niche marketing, you need: • A niche, not already crowded with marketers, but with people who are eager to buy a solution to their problem • A product that those people will see as the solution they have been seeking • Targeted niche traffic that comes to your your offer. With these three things well in hand, you can make consistent money from your site. There are a lot of... [...]

Mass Muscle Building In Minutes PLR for your Fitness site #ad

Health and fitness is one of the biggest niche markets on the planet. Some have estimates over $60 Billion annually, and a lot of that is spent on the internet. You can participate in this marketing opportunity with a site for fitness buffs. Rick Warid has just released a package of PLR you can use to quickly enter this niches. He calls it Mass Muscle Building In Minutes. That’s the name of an e-book he is offering to marketers to sell as their own on their own website. Besides the e-book, he is providing additional marketing materials. Specifically, he is including: • Three formats... [...]

Lose the Belly Fat PLR for your fitness site #ad

Here’s something many people want, to lose weight, especially the fat around their waist. If you are marketing in the fitness niche, you may want to get Aurelius Tjin’s new product, Lose the Belly Fat. It will be a good match for many, many searches by many desperate people. This is a complete “business in a box” product, including: • The Lose the Belly Fat e-book in both PDF and DOC formats, so you can sell it as is or customize it to meet your needs. • A complete sales website, including an opt-in page, a sales page and a download page • PSD files for those... [...]

Credit Repair Niche PLR: Help people get out of debt and get paid to do it #ad

Sue Fleckenstein has created a package of information on getting out of debt and removing the stigma of being a debtor who defaulted or became delinquent on their debt. This is a big niche; thousands of people are looking for ways out of their personal debt crisis. With Fleckenstein’s Credit Repair Niche PLR Package, you can build a credit repair business from scratch and profit from people’s search for solutions. In this package you get: • A 35 page eBook – ‘Credit Repair Facts & Tips’ (8,917 words) to sell as your own product • A list of keywords and available... [...]

Ant Judge and Jury: Good niche research for good sales #ad

Really understanding your niche means you can address its problems better and get more traffic, and with more traffic you can get more sales. Doing the right research to understand the niche is the key to better results. Maybe you have heard of “Oz”, the marketer responsible for the successful ANT series of products. With his new Ant Judge and Jury. In the week since announcement, he has sold more than 1000 copies of Ant Judge and Jury. He has a long history of niche related products, all of them big sellers, and according so some buyers, this may be his best yet. Here’s what... [...]

Kindle NanoNiche Goldmine: Small niches, low competition #ad

Rob Howard has scoured the Kindle marketplace, looking for what he calls “nanoniches”. The example he gives is “Weight loss for women over 50”, which has over 2000 searches on Google monthly, but only has 9 books in Kindle. When he finds niches like this, he considers it an opportunity for a new Kindle book. Howard just released Kindle NanoNiche Goldmine, in which he explains a step by step rational process to find other niches like this one that have a lot of attraction for the public, but so far have not attracted many book authors. Once you understand this research process,... [...]

Niche Definition Strategy: Finding a niche where you can profit #ad

If you are at a loss for what niche to focus on, Finnish marketer Hannu Polvi has a concise training e-book called Niche Definition Strategy to show you how to choose a niche that: 1. You can feel “at home” in and 2. You can earn some money in Niche Definition Strategy gives a rationale for Polvi’s process and then he launches into the systematic process he uses. He believes your own life has prepared you to do well in certain niches and not so well in others. He takes you through a question and answer process to identify the areas where you are prepared. Once you have narrowed... [...]