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Monday, January 25, 2021

Archive for the 'Niche Marketing' Category

Build a thriving niche marketing business in health #ad

There’s lots of money being spent on personal fitness, over $20 Billion in the US alone; worldwide, it’s a lot more. And this niche is growing daily. HP Jeschke has partnered with Naidy Phoon to create Fitness Money to show you how to make a steady income from fitness niche sites. In this new training, they show you how to become a profitable affiliate marketer in sub-niches of the health and fitness niche. In Fitness Money, you will discover: • How to select a profitable sub-niche within the broad fitness and health niche • How to find and select profitable products in your selected... [...]

PLR Niche Fire Sale: Hurry; short term sale #ad

Kevin Byrne is running a very short PLR Niche Fire Sale with six PLR packages for setting up niche sites and selling Clickbank products, Amazon products, showing Adsense ads or selling other products in the niche. He has developed additional materials that formerly were sold separately, that are now included in this firesale, at no extra cost. The 6 niches are: • Get your Ex Back • Pregnancy Difficulties • Forex Trading • Yeast Infections • Fat Loss Factor • The Venus Factor Diet Each comes with components to help you build that business website and other marketing... [...]

Niche PLR: Healing through Lucid Dreaming #ad

Jeremy Burns has just announced his latest PLR product, Healing through Lucid Dreaming. There’s a lot of buzz around Lucid Dreaming these days. The idea is that by having clear dreams that you remember in the morning, you can work through a myriad of problems and come up with good solutions. Burns has prepared an e-book on the topic that teaches how to dream lucidly. You get complete PLR rights to this e-book. Edit it any way you choose, add your name to it, and sell it or give it away as a list-builder. He also includes: • A squeeze page so you can start building a list of subscribers... [...]

Forex Trading PLR: Build your own site in this lucrative niche #ad

Kevin Byrnne creates products that help you start a n online business quickly. He does it by doing a lot of the work for you: • Keyword research • Domain name research • Product research • Graphics to make you site attractive • Secondary keywords • Product reviews for your chosen product You need to do all these well to prepare for a successful affiliate site (or for a site that sells your own product, as well.) Byrnne has done all this research for the Forex niche, and he is offering it to you in his Forex Trading PLR. He chose this niche because it is one... [...]

Your online business doesn’t have to be floundering #ad

If you are like most struggling marketers, you are making at least one of the following mistakes: 1. You have no real plan 2. You don’t have a mailing list 3. You don’t have your own product 4. You don’t have affiliates selling your products 5. And most importantly you haven’t decided yet on which profitable niche to exploit for massive gains. The thing is, many people just like you are also confused and frustrated when it comes to picking the right niche market. And without that decision, you can’t really make a plan, create a product, find affiliates or build a useful mailing list.... [...]

How to find a good marketing niche #ad

Reed Floren has just released his latest training on niche marketing, How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market. Finding a niche with eager participants is the key to successful niche marketing. Find a niche like this, and present good products to these people, and your success in the niche is nearly certain. Floren has identified over 30 tools a niche marketer can use to uncover what niches are likely to be profitable. Each of these provides usable data on the popularity of the niche. Use 3 or 4 of them (or more) and you can narrow down your search pretty quickly. If all of these tools... [...]

How to Choose & Research a Profitable Niche #ad

Reed Florenis releasing his new product at 11 AM EST, How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market. Floren has been in this internet marketing business since 2006 and has seen fads come and go. But through all the changes, one thing remains constant: To build a successful marketing business, you need to find a niche full of people with money who like to buy. Floren’s new training shows you the way to choose a niche that will have the potential to make your business profitable. You will discover things such as: The 4 Niche Markets You need to Be In because they have big potential Why... [...]

10 Ways You Can Use PLR in your Business #ad

Gail Trahd gave us some good pointers on how to profit from PLR. 1. Memberships: Membership sites, for a monthly fee are one method of building recurring income into your business. The problem, of course, is coming up with new content each month. PLR content gets you started. Rewrite it to make it original and to make it sound like you. This solves your problem with a minimum of fuss. 2. Tips Reports: Tip sheets, listing good ideas on a topic of interest to your readers can be a good traffic builder and can lead to a loyal reader. Gather your information for your tips from quality PLR. 3. Ecommerce:... [...]

PLR Health Wizard may be the easiest way to break into Fitness Niche #ad

You may have heard of Gail Trahd, but if not, here’s a quick sketch. For 20 years, she was a registered nurse and for part of that time, she was also a nurse practitioner. A few years ago, she decided to apply her knowledge to building a health-related website. It was hard work; she did a lot of research and wrote a lot of content. Now she has decided to share her expertise with other marketers interested in the Health and Fitness niche. Today, she announces PLR Health Wizard, her service to provide ongoing health-related top-quality PLR to people wanting to build a business in the health... [...]

Ultimate Kettlebell Bundle: PLR content for your fitness website #ad

Kettlebell exercises are popular. They are not super-fast, but the weight of the kettlebell makes them strenuous, and this leads to a good workout in a short time. So there’s a lot of online search activity by people interested in starting a kettlebell exercise program. Savvy marketers get excited when they see how many searches there are for kettlebell workouts each month. But to take advantage of this evergreen exercise program, you need a product to sell. Now, Chris Zemdegs has solved that problem for you. He has developed a kettlebell training program that he will let you sell as your... [...]