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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Content Curation ’ Category

Viral Image Curator Pro for images that bring you sales #ad

Just announced, at 11 AM yesterday, Viral Image Curator Pro has already sold over 1000 copies in less than 12 hours. It seems to have struck a nerve in the IM community. It’s a simple tool for finding royalty-free images you may use in your marketing without fear of being sued for copyright infringement. Use […]

MemeJacker Pro builds “funny image blogs” you can monetize #ad

Brennen Noble has just announced MemeJacker Pro WordPress plugin, which finds funny images (on autopilot) that you can place in your blog to attract viewers. And funny images are viral; people love sharing them with their friends. Tell it which sources to explore for images and turn it loose. It does the rest. Noble shows […]

WP RSS Curator- for an authority blog without the pain #ad

Peter Garety is running a one-week sale, ending on September 7 (today), on WP RSS Curator , the plugin for blog curators. There have been other curation plugins before, but this one is really slick. For eveyone who invests in his tool, he is providing a training webinar (live and, if you miss it, recorded.) […]

WordPress Smart Pages builds attractive pages search engines like #ad

The demo on the sales page is all the explanation you need. In it, you see a brand new blog go from nothing to a multi-page blog, with highly developed internal page linking in 5 minutes. And it isn’t automated junk. You get to review and approve anything WordPress Smart Pages Plugin includes. The pages […]

“Curation Cash Traffic” can increase website traffic in 15 minutes a day #ad

WordPress and Facebook can “play nicely together” to build your traffic and, ultimately, your sales. But you don’t want to try random acts of social media marketing to make it happen. That wastes too much money and time. Mark Bradley has created Curation Cash Traffic to show you an effective way to get traffic from Facebook […]

Instant Curator Plugin- the fast path to a blog for your business #ad

Instant Curator Plugin can give you a curated blog in just minutes, including proper attribution of the original sources. This pliugin will pull content from any number of sources. Several come with the plugin, but you can add additional sources, yourself. In your curated blog, you will not always create new content, but make sense […]

“Instant Curator” creates content that will get you traffic #ad

Content curation is a way of using other people’s content to legitimately enhance your own blog. It can be done manually, but there’s a better way. Instant Curator is a WordPress plugin that will find useful articles for you to use in your blog, from sources it suggests or ones you supply, and instantly load […]

Build Profitable WordPress Blogs with “Curation Fire” #ad

The Curation Fire software enables you to build profitable WordPress sites and get traffic from Google, helping webmasters to increase blog sales and profits. Key features of the Curation Fire software include: – Easy to use interface and simple controls – It helps build an authority blog quickly due to its relationship to other authority […]

WP Plugin lets you cash in on the crowd fever for mobile aps #ad

Every month, there are over 6 million searches for iPhone apps. Even “top free iphone apps” a “longer tail” keyword, gets over 100,000 searches a month. You can get a part of the revenue from this craze without having any apps of your own. New WP App Store plugin lets you easily create a directory […]

Your WordPress Site needs Google-friendly content. Does that have to be hard? #ad

Curation is the art of using content from other sites in permissible ways to beef up the content on your own site. Not raw content, but summarized and preferably annotated, so you are giving additional value beyond that on the original site. With Instant Content Curator Pro you can create content Google will consider useful […]