We got word that Peter Garety is releasing a new software product on Tuesday.

He calls it: P1 Video Magnet System.

You choose a theme to build a website around (gardening, exercise, family camping, etc.)

Then, with the help of this new software, you locate videos on YouTube, created by other people, and use them to provide content for your site.

With the software, you just use the embed code that YouTube supplies to place the video on your own website page. (This is permitted by YouTube and by the people who made the videos.)

P1 Video Magnet System automates this work for you.

Your site is so rich with useful content on your theme that Google soon will take notice and rank your site for many keywords.

Garety says he has done it over and over, and you can, too.

He has scheduled a free webinar to show you the things his new software can do. Just click this link and register for his live webinar, where he will show you the whole process.

In this webinar, Garety will show you some techniques that you have never seen before.

When you register, you will also get the his free bonus, a training program he calls SPTubeX, that will show you some of his most advanced YouTube techniques.

The webinar will fill up quickly, so go here now: P1 Video Magnet System.

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